Saturday Night Contest - Create a Trailer!


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Mar 3, 2012
I would love to see more contests like this one, but maybe with a longer time limit to see what people are really capable of and see if it can be up to T11 standard.
Would be cool to have it as an official trailer for theory 11 if it were good enough too! like Michael James, when he won the DnD one!
Oct 13, 2012
Part of me wonders if T11 are waiting for more (possibly better) entries... usually for these trailer contests there are more...

But the time limit is up, so what now, even if others wanted to enter?
Although I agree with one of the posts up there that time limit should be longer for these

Casey Rudd

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Jun 5, 2009
Charleston, SC
Hey everyone,

Very sorry it is taking a lot longer than usual. With this kind of contest, especially if it's open ended, a lot of members have different entries that are unique in their own right. We have some magic videos, and Cardistry videos. We're making sure we go through each entry multiple times to ensure that we pick the absolute best ones. Again, we are very sorry that it is taking more time than usual for the results to be posted. They should be posted later today.



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Sep 3, 2007
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Hey everyone!

Hope you're having an epic Tuesday. Andrei and I had some time to review the trailers. Awesome submissions all around! Some of you guys tried some really unique ideas – something I'll have to personally explore with our next official deck trailer. ;) Anyway, we felt one trailer stood out among the rest. It was fun, well-shot, and promoted the cards exceptionally.

The winner of this week's SNC goes to forum member ATH with his Monarch trailer! Congrats, you won yourself a brick of Monarchs! You can check out ATH's trailer HERE.

A couple other submissions we liked as well that are worth mentioning were JoeyFX's Wynn trailer, PaulTheillusionist's Silver Monarch trailer, and cfleung12's Monarch trailer. You guys rocked.

ATH, send us a message with your shipping address and we'll send you your brick.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Have a phenomenal week!

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