Saturday Night Contest : d+M look+A+like

Jan 23, 2008
It Got To Dark Out WHen I got Back home So I couldn't go to a random forest of have a brick background but I think that this will do....

and here is another basically the same
May 24, 2008
I don't look much like Daniel, But i found someone that does...

Daniels new dvd perhaps?

The "equinox" is an ambigram, in honour of daniels.
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I have four photos I'd like to upload.

I had all the costume except for the hair, so I "borrowed a friend". I tried to be creative and "out of the box", hope this works!

Also, here are the links to all four pictures, in case the attachments don't work.

"Photo 206"

"Photo 207"

"Photo 209"

"Picture 4"



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Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
I thought this was supposed to be a serious photo?
not a spoof.........?:confused:

re-read the details. it says be creative and go outside the box so its whatever you want. the real question im wondering is about how many entries. i got the feeling it was one per person but many are uploading several. it wasnt' specific so who knows. also a lot of people aren't doing them as attachments. we'll see if that effects the judging.

to answer the other question you dont drag and drop you go to the bottom of your post response page and there should be a button that says manage attachments. click it and go from there. good luck
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