Saturday Night Contest - Display Your Collection

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. Collection.jpg
    Secret compartment in my shelf ;)
  2. Lovely shelf, t11...

    Here is my decks collection...

    Nueva imagen.JPG
  3. Yes
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  4. It's not much yet but it's my humble beginning and i can't wait to get so much more

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  5. Do I spy Yugioh cards? I haven't played that game since they banned Self-Destruct Button
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  6. My deck collection, some of it is hidden behind other decks, some of it is not. My top ten video and deck collection video at the end of the year will reveal all. Until then, this will have to suffice not only as my SNC entry, but also as a look at my collection. The Monarchs will always stand at the top of my list though.​

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  7. Very nice collection of decks and workspace!
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  8. I'll have to do a full magic display :p my card collection is nowhere near as impressive as most of you guys. :p
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  9. [​IMG] My Collection of magic and cards and that's not even the start of it. About 40 decks you can't see in picture!
  10. Some of my decks. Goodluck everyone!

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  12. To the left includes the magic tricks Regeneration, eXile, Dresscode, Revolution, and some flash cotton. The top includes my small but growing book collection. I now have 61+ decks of cards, my friends gave me 3 for my birthday on Friday :D (the goal is to have 100 by the end of the summer).
    (Things not included are a magic dice box that my neighbor found in the trash, a few decks laying around the house, an uncut sheet, and my wall where I keep all the cards that people have signed)

    Good luck everyone!!

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  13. GL everyone,

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  14. Woah!!! That's a crazy card collection, nice!
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  15. Thank you, ran out of space, so got lazy and stacked the rest of the boxes.
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