Saturday Night Contest - Display Your Collection

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. Your collection is as amazing as it is beautiful! I thought mine was fairly decent but yours is absolutely lovely. I think you have this contest on the bag:p
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  2. Haha, I thought that now is the end of the contest (now it's 13 hour to end...). This is not my entire collection, but some of these things is from magic kit for kids. More professional rope and rings (and other things) will come to me on Monday! I decided not to take a coins and clips or other things in photo. That chest isn't really for magic, but I made it for school (I mean design), I'm bad at art, but this is the best thing, that I've ever created (Ok I bought the chest, but I decoupaged (?) it). I wish that I hadn't have magic related napkin and chest can hold only 6 decks, but I still love that. What is my chance, when I've got something to keep my decks in? I'm stupid :D

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  3. My small collection box

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  4. How did you get so many decks?
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  6. My personal collection of playing cards
    фото 103.jpg
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  7. Looking at all the posts I doubt I have any chance of winning, but I'm thankful of my collection. 03052010032.jpg
    Good Luck to everyone !
    Cheers xx
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  9. My collection of playing cards! Good Luck to everyone ! :)

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  10. I think it's a random contest so you have just as good a chance as anyone else.
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  11. Here is just a small portion of my magic collection. I would have included more but I have to leave for work in an hour and I realized how much time it would take to take it all out and then put it back away. Yes, I have an addiction!
  12. Thaanks guys!
  13. Here is my contest entry !
    Good Luck, everyone !
    Faiz Card Collection.jpg

    And this is just a result of my new passion to learn illustrator:

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  14. I made this box myself, it's actually a Nutella box :D but I covered it with black color and an ace of spades.
    For the collection, I started like everyone else with a couple of bicycles but ended up with some monarchs and other cool decks.

    Good luck to everyone ;)
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  15. collection.jpg
    Sorry, the image didn't show up in my reply for some reason, anyway here you have it.
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  16. Collection of cards signed by magicians (My son's collection, actually). Not the best picture, but could not get the lighting right. Clearly I'm not a photographer.

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