Saturday Night Contest - Everything in Control

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. I wasn't even planning on entering this contest until I had an epiphony that was out of control. lol. Here is the link
  2. ive never done a snc before, whens the deadline of the video submission?
  3. 11 oclock...........
  4. my video is uploaded...just waiting on youtube to process it.

  5. god, youtibe isnt gonna put it up till after 11... what the hell
  6. Right about now...
  7. Sadly, I worked hard on a card control, but wasn't able to finish it in time. It's a four card ace production, with TWO great twists. Hopefully I'll finish it and upload it later.

    Good job to all who entered!
  8. FORANE...
    your video is rad man...

    as for the song...not so sure.

    good entry man!

  9. damnit youtube...
  10. wow josh...rad? really? i thought it was good, dont insult it with a bad 90's slang reference. Thank god you didn't whip out a "totally tubular" or a "bodacious". In the future, take care of what you say. haha
  11. SCWAGGER...

    sorry, i still use the word rad.
    didn't know you were gonna get all police on me.


    your video was good.

  12. josh...i was joking...i said totally tubular, it was obviously sarcasm. chill dude
  13. SCWAGGER...

    my middle name is chill.
    "you got it dude" - Michelle, FullHouse reference. Definitely a 90's show right there.

    no worries man...i dont take these things too serious.

  14. How do we know if we won? I never done one of these before but i posted the link to the vid
  15. know my middle name is michael...i would rather like to have chill as a middle name. that or danger....hmmm....
  16. Great submissions tonight. After much review, we'd like to congratulate filth0013 on his winning submission here.

    Thanks again to all who participated! You guys rock.
  17. Yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

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