Saturday Night Contest - Filtering Out Exposure

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  1. Hey guys! This is Tyler Rouss presenting the Lamar Magic Clubs attempt for this SNC! We hope you guys enjoy!
    Check it out!
  2. Haha, my favourite so far, excellent!
  3. Thanks a lot Wyattsb!
    It took us about four hours to make the circuit, catapault, and trigger. Then another hour to calibrate everything so we could actually hit the glass. And finally, one more hour of filming and editing. It took a lot of work! I'm really happy with what came out though, it was like the most cliche, hilarious, effective method we could think of. I wish you guys could have seen it in person, the contraption is absolutely hilarious.

    We also have some pictures of it in the making if you guys want us to upload them. If its permitted in the contest?
  4. LOL, figured out all of these 4 tricks in 30 minutes :) . Filter is simple but so amazing :) But I cannot create funny coin through glass effect for this contest... sad. Good luck everyone
  5. [video=youtube;1dTJh8HRDIk][/video]

    I just tried to make it look as legit looking as possible :)
  6. I've got a 90-minute block cleared and I'm excited to see everything you guys came up with! And just remember, even if you don't win, you are helping forward the art of magic. You're making it harder for people to find secrets, and that's a noble goal. So before I even look at the videos and before we even pick a winner, I want to commend all of you on your efforts. Even to take part in a competition like this shows that you're serious about magic, and that's awesome.
  7. We are reviewing all submissions as we speak, and a winner will be announced momentarily!
  8. You guys did GREAT. Just GREAT. Seriously, watching the videos the past 2 hours has been awesome. Please, please keep these videos up after the competition is done. Remember, when people want to know how FILTER is done, they’re going to come to YOUR videos. And by keeping them up, we’re protecting secrets. Which is what we, as magicians, do. So just by participating in this contest, you are forwarding your art. And you should feel awesome about that.

    Sirludo: Way to start strong! With that frying pan! And your video already has over 100 hits. That’s why this exercise is so important. And why we really can protect secrets this way.

    Marens: Tears of a warlock’s daughter….nice! I also like “any extra spice” as if it doesn’t matter at all. And very-detailed on that tortoise knife…hard to get indeed. I’d love to see you perform magic…I hope your storytelling ability shown here comes through in your act. Either that or try out for Chopped.

    Jason: Very thorough. “Dick Fax”—nice. “First thing you’re going to need is a lot of ointment.” This video, too, makes me want to see your act. Either that or wash your mouth out with soap. Or both. “Take all the ointments you can find…” Also, the frying pan returns! You and Sirludo have the same mind. Only you got the correct Kelvin measurement. “Don’t look at my feet.” Nice.

    Vermillion: I really appreciate how straightforward this is. It does feel legit at first. You’ve got great deadpan in saying that the spectators can’t see the cards. “Hold the coins in a way that makes it look like you’re holding three coins.” Of course!

    Magicbedo: That was an AMAZING performance! (With a different/good method!) And very believable explanation, using the watch, because I am wearing a watch in the trailer. Putting a great performance in the fake explanation is good because it gives you credibility.

    Bryan: Love the idea of an extra CUP. NOBODY thinks about that. Very funny…showing 2 cups than 1…funny mind you’ve got. “Look free ice cream.” That one always gets them…

    M4xj0n35productions: Fun with Video Editing! Great production on this one…videographer and everything. Dutch clogging shoes! Whoa! Where’d those guys come from! I only wish you could have addressed whether you can perform FILTER with the Darth Maul-Style double-edge Lightsaber. I know a lot of people are wondering about that…

    Gabriel: Nice thinking with the “about six” coins. So many people think 4, none suspect 6. And the mouth…nice. I think this is a pretty plausible explanation of how to do Filter. I can see somebody really falling for this. and it does use a pretty crazy prop—that giant wad of gum on the back of the glass. And you even revealed my BONUS effect! Caught me out! Gotta give you props for that.

    Wyatt: The sheer length of your video is wonderful. And you seem like a genuinely disgruntled customer. Acting award probably goes to you on this one. It’s so rambling and confusing…I definitely think this video will take people through some loops. And you even discuss the cleanup. Very thorough.

    Linear: Again, very believable video. Paper clip…tape…this will give people second thoughts for sure. And the detail about removing stickiness is very believable, too. This is similar to one of my earlier versions of Filter that used a sticky pad…very smart!

    TylerRouss: Nobody suspects the catapult. They never see it coming. They’d never guess that like 50% of tricks are accomplished through catapults. You guys might like to see this: A couple years ago I made a fake Rube Goldberg machine with the guys in the band Tally Hall:

    Wyatt Video 2: “You have to count on the fact that your spectators can’t count.” That’s funny because I actually have a trick that DOES work that way. Not a good trick. But I have it:

    JP: Love how you put “glass” in air quotes. And I also like your method: the whole DOES seem to be the most obvious method, doesn’t it?

    Ben: VERY clever idea. Looks like you’ve got a great trick here! I really like how your mind works. I’m going to be looking for you to release some kickass tricks in the next few years.

    Daniel: More great acting! Also, you’re damn funny for somebody…well, how old are you? However old you are…I wish I was that funny at your age.

    Mcarbs: This might sound odd, but I really like the way you did so much stuff off-camera. People won’t know something’s fake if they can’t see it. “Really spicy”…ha!

    Andrew: Starts out with a card trick! Nice! “The biggest gimmick of them all is….Rick Lax.” Funniest line of the night.

    Goatears: Again, a great performance. And I like how you put it right at start of video. That will keep people watching, especially if you fool them. And a very interesting gimmick you’ve constructed. And you keep a straight face throughout..very impressive, sir. Crazy thing on your head plus straight face…reminds me of Steve Martin in 70s.

    cashdw: I like your speech at the start of this video, justifying why you’re revealing. If you don’t usually reveal, it’s important that you justify it, and you did. I kind of love this method youv’e thought up. If they really made glasses ½ as big, this would be a great way to do Filter. I’m also digging how serious you are when you’re talking about “palming off the top cup!”

    Justin Morris 1 and 2: Holy crap that was funny when you spit the coins out! I think you and I can agree: nothing is funnier than a spit take. Especially with coins, turns out. I really liked your vids, but can’t pick them as a winner only because the video explanation says that they’re part of theory11’s contest, and the point of the contest is to get people who aren’t theory11 fans/don’t want to pay for secrets to Actually Believe that you are giving away secrets, which theory11 wouldn’t sanction.

    Arjun: This is great. Oh, man, you definitely win the awards for most secret gimmicks! And the smiley face thing is hilarious. Good work.

    Okay, here are my final thoughts: Honorable mentions to Gabriel and Wyatt for thorough, believable methods. Jason gets the comedy award and another honorable mention to Magicbedo for a GREAT performance. Gosh, it’s a close call…but I think the winner has to be Ben. Great performance, great explanation, great execution. You guys can all watch Ben’s video here:

    And again, please keep these videos up. They’re great, and we want them taking people on the wrong path.

    Thanks again to all who competed!!
  9. Also, I just noticed this comment on his youtube video: "I just wanted to comment and say please don't reveal tricks that you can by. Magicians put a lot of time into there tricks and don't like it win people reveal them. So from one magician to other please take this down." Clearly he did something right here!
  10. Hey nice job guys and Ben that was definitely the most realistic was of doing it the wrong way so cheers to you man!

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