Saturday Night Contest - Impossible Snapshot!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. Ow thanks does it work now?
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  2. Me throwing my Monarchs out of the window... = SOMETHING IMPOSSIBLE
    A bit of comedy but the hard truth for magicians...
    And a bit of mystery too- there is no shadow for my left thumb + the deck isn’t supported by glue, tape, strings or in motion due to gravity or a throw by the hand..
    A mixture of elegance and mystery - myslegance?!.

    Best of luck everyone.
    It’s dark outside cause it’s 12:00 am in my country

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  3. Hello,

    I decided to take an "impossible" picture using something that has followed me since my childhood: tic tac.
    They are a strong symbol for me because I started eating them when I started magic.
    Afraid of missing my magic tricks in front of my family and friends, they have always followed me to help me not to stress before performing.

    That's why I wanted to combine this attachment I have for tic tacs with this challenge.
    These candies levitating above my hand represent "T11" for "Theory11".
    This image symbolizes this magic side that the tic tac give me, they allow me to give the best of myself when I exercise this passion that follows me since my youngest age: magic.

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  4. Just in case you was wondering still it does work
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  5. Here is my submission! Thanks for having this contest I had a lot of fun with it!

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  7. Catch it if you can !

    Good luck everyone :)

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  8. Thanks to everyone for entering! Results will be posted tomorrow. See you all then!
  9. Congrats! We have chosen your entry as the winner for this week's contest! In addition to the impossible snapshot, we also asked for a great use of composition, lighting, and creativity, and this one we felt captured that essence the best overall. Please contact our support team with your details to claim your prize!

    We would also like to extend a few honorable mentions to Djordje, Jamil Farhan, and morrigan11179 for making this one really close!

    We look forward to seeing you guys again on Saturday for a new contest!
  10. Wow thank you so much !
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  11. Congratulations!!!
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  12. Congratulations Milan!!
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