Saturday Night Contest - JAQK Prediction

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. King of Diamonds

    4 of Spades
  2. King of hearts
    Four (4) of clubs
  3. Jack of Spades
    Three of Clubs
    Good luck!
  4. Jack of Spades
    9 of Clubs

    Good luck to all!
  5. King of hearts
    8 of diamonds
  6. That selection has been previously me, actually
  7. Jack of Spades
    9 of Clubs
  8. Alright guys, time for results!

    The two cards I had in my hand were the Queen of Diamonds and the 8 of Diamonds. No one correctly guessed it, but we did have one member who came REALLY close. That member is Casey E1 with their guess of Queen of Hearts and 8 of Diamonds. Just one suit off! Please contact our support team and they will hook you up with your prize!

    We can't wait to share more with you guys about the Blue JAQKs. See you all later this week for a new contest!
  9. Congratulations, Casey E version: 1.

    Great guessing! And enjoy that new deck smell!

    Don't spend all those elite points in one place.
  10. I can't get enough of that new deck smell!

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