Saturday Night Contest - JAQK Prediction

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. Why didn't you guess that first? :D
  2. A lot of future poker games proved that superstition and past invincible hands don't work so well for me.

    I instead chose a hand that made me go, 'eeeeeehhhhhhh. K-8 off suit is KINDA okay. I'll keep if if no one raises.'
  3. jack of diamonds
    6 of spades
  4. queen of clubs
    4 of hearts
  5. Queen of diamonds
    4 of spades
  6. Jack of Clubs
    9 of Clubs
  7. The cards are definitely the

    Jack of Clubs
    and the
    Four of Hearts.

    I've got a tingling feeling in my spinr that makes me feel like these are the cards.
    Good luck all who enter!
  8. Jack of Diamonds
    3 of Spades
  9. king of clubs
    6 of hearts
  10. Queen of hearts
    2 of clubs
  11. King of Spades
    Nine of Diamonds
  12. Ace of diamonds
    Seven of clubs
  13. queen of harts

    7 of spades
  14. 3 of diamonds, 8 of clubs
  15. Hahaha obviously I didn't read the instructions very well. I'd like to change that guess to:

    Jack of hearts
    Three of clubs
  16. queen of clubs
    3 of clubs
  17. Queen of Clubs

    7 of Diamonds
  18. Ace of diamonds
    Five of hearts
  19. Queen of hearts
    Three of spades
  20. Jack of Spades
    Three of Hearts

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