Saturday Night Contest - JAQK Prediction

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. Jack of Clubs and Seven of Diamonds (10 of Hearts was taken T-T)
  2. Queen of Hearts
    Ace of Spades
  3. K of hearts and 3 of clubs
  4. Queen of Spades
    Seven of Hearts
  5. King of Hearts
    Eight of Hearts
  6. Ace of diamonds
    9 of hearts
  7. Queen of Hearts
    Seven of Spades
  8. Queen of Spades
    10 of Spades
  9. jack of diamonds
    five of spades
  10. king of hearts
    eight of spades
  11. Ace of Clubs
    8 of Clubs
  12. Jack of Hearts
    6 of Diamonds
  13. Queen of hearts,
    8 of spades
  14. Jack of Clubs
    4 of Clubs
  15. Jack of Spades
    4 of Spades
  16. 7 of Clubs
    King of Diamond

    Good luck to everyone! :)
  17. King of clubs
    2 of diamonds
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  18. Queen of Hearts.
    Seven of Spades.
  19. Queen of spades and 3 of hearts
  20. K-2!

    I remember in Las Vegas, circa 2006 and, oddly, CRUSHING a poker table at Texas Station with that hand. 3 times being dealt K-2. It was weird. That hand was just downright invincible that night.

    Sorry, saw your post and I jumped up going 'K-2! GOOD CHOICE!'
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