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  1. Hello Luis,
    My question to you is what do you believe makes escapes so fascinating to the audience? What aspect of it do you believe attracts their full attention and emotion?? Thanks- Lane
  2. Roundtable discussion question

    What is your favorite type of magic and why?
  3. Roundtable Discussion Question

    I am trying to make the transition from close up magic to stage magic. My father recently signed me up for the Chavez course. What are your thoughts on it and how much do you think it would benefit the transition?
  4. When was the first time you messed up on stage and how did you fix the problem?
  5. What would you say is the number one thing to know to become a widely renowned magician?

    What was the toughest obstacle you had to overcome in your magic career?

    How is performing in Portugal different from America?

    Anthony Nguyen
  6. What is your favorite stage illusion?
  7. What makes your show super special that you make it known so well?
  8. whats ur fav illusion you preform and what are your toughts on magic exposer such as the masked magican
  9. Hi Luis, I´m from Braga, Portugal. I have been following your work since I started
    doing magic, having you as one of my biggest inspirations, not only by your achivements, but also by your performence style and views on Magic.

    So, my questions are:

    -Do you fell that after your first performance at age 11 until today what you have achieved makes you realized or do you want more from yourself?

    -What are your thoughts on internet magic community today?

    Grande abraço, David;)
  10. What routine/effect do you personally love and have the most fun performing?

    What was your scariest moment in front of a live audience (perhaps something that looked like it was not going right, or didn't go right)?


  11. Great questions - keep 'em coming. There is no limit on questions you can submit, but there is a deadline of 12:00pm tomorrow.
  12. When you are performing on stage, areyou looking forthe same reactions than when performing close up?

    If yes do you get the same reactions?
    If no in what are they different?

    Don't you regret that stage performances are reserved to higher social classes?
  13. so, is time up?
  14. I believe soo....

    looks like an amazing dvd that I may just have to get. It could really help in regards to getting gigs.
  15. Yeah, time is up. Looking forward to the podcast! :)
  16. We'll be starting the podcast in about one hour from right now - so if there are any last minute questions you'd like to submit before then, go for it.
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    Since you are a stage illusionist I have a question for you,

    What would you do if you lost all of your stage illusions? Here is a Scenario You have a show that you cannot back out of do to a Contract that favors your clients and will make you bankrupt if you pull out; but if you do the show you would get half a million. What would you do in this situation? What books, material, etc. would you purchase?

    How do you script your shows ie the art of making a routine?

    Who does the most work, The magician, assistant, or the Techies?

    Well there you go some more questions to add to the proverbial hat.


    If I was blind and CEO of Cheveron Gas who wants an illusionist for a big Chevron convention and fun day for all Chevron employees I am hand picking entertainment for this convention/fun day and approach you. How would you sell yourself and show?
  18. What stage magicians did you look up to during your younger years? Have you ever met any of these magicians?
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    Ha yeah it was funny I am sure you are very intelligent to get that because I certainly didn't get it for a few minutes. You must be a great thinker because I had to think hard to find the joke. Maybe submit it to "The Worst" Magazine?
  20. I don't mean to be rude, but what's the status on the podcast? Thanks.

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