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  • Like I said Jake, I have NOTHING against you! Good luck, and best wishes! :)
    What are you talking about, Jake? I always talk like I'm right?! Since when? Haha The only thing we ever discussed was magic, nothing more so I don't see how that statement you made even makes sense. And you're telling me that the way I think is wrong? Who are you to tell me that! (No offense, Jake. Just stating my thoughts. Regardless of what your response may be, happy magic and I wish you the best in life).
    I clearly stated that I did lose my passion for magic, but why are you still here if you lost your passion for magic.
    Fair point, but I was just curious... I thought we were friends. Because when I left magic, you stated that I shouldn't leave because I had a passion for it. Well whatever.
    Correction: Decemeber 21st, because you never responded to the Jan 3rd... I was referring to the conversation WE had (ie. meaning, two members conversating).
    It's now March 4th, and you still haven't given me a reason as to why you "left"... the last post I made on this profile was December 21st...
    I believe you so.

    By the time you're off break, I might already be going back, haha.
    For now, I'll take your word.

    I am break for now, but would like to see why you're leaving magic, when you tried stopping me doing the samething some time ago.

    But give me a hint, what is the problem; friends, family, lost for the art, a change, perhaps?

    Although my thoughts about magic are the same as when I discussed them to you, don't you remember?

    And my personality still hasn't changed, though.
    But still, it's ironic.

    Go on TokBox and we can talk about this, if you would like.

    I'm not into bashing anyone, for now, but let's keep this friendly, then.
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