Saturday Night Contest - Magician in Trouble

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FrancoPascali, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone! It's Franco here, and tonight I'm taking over the Saturday night contest :) PS: sorry for delay! I was on the way to Vegas and connection was terrible!

    Many magic tricks involve pretending to mess up with a surprise recovery. This is commonly known as the "magician in trouble" plot. In honor of this age old concept, the best performance utilizing this idea tonight wins! You can film a trick with or without spectators - but you must truly act like something has gone wrong regardless of who is there to watch.

    Upload your performance to Youtube, Vimeo, or Instagram and post the link to your video response in this exact thread no later than Sunday, August 13th 11pm EST. Our winner will be announce shortly after.

    Oh yeah - and the winner receives 1,000 elite points, 6 classic Monarchs, and Torn & Restored Transpo - which is one of the best magician in trouble effects out there.
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  2. Ha. When I saw the tile, and quickly read that it wasn't by Casey, I was half expecting it to be someone on the forums saying Casey is in trouble. Then I saw it was Franco :D

    Good luck everyone!

    P.S. I hope everything is alright! I am assuming that Casey is just on vacation and wants a break, which is absolutely fine, but things happen all the time, and we never know.
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  3. I am indeed safe! Still on vacation - you guys have a great contest this week with Franco! This one is sick - get to brainstorming! Lot of opportunity to increase your creativity. You guys are gonna kill it!
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  4. Here is my entry :)

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  6. Not my best, but I created this specifically for this contest seeing that TNR Transpo was one of the prizes.

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  7. well lets just say I was in a lot of trouble in this card trick! Hope you guys enjoy! Good luck to everyone!
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  8. I don't normally enter these but as I have a routine that fits this theme perfectly, I figured why the heck not! I quickly filmed this this evening and it was starting to get dark outside so lighting is not great, but it'll do!

    Background: It's basically a combination of 'Magician vs Gambler' (as classic of the 'magician in trouble' genre!) and Walter Iriving Scott's infamous Ace location routine. I came up with this on the bus whilst pondering about whether I could do a genuinely blindfolded ace location, and quietly chuckled to myself over the notion of removing the blindfold only to realise I'd missed all the Aces!

    Good luck to everyone else taking part!


    PS: I genuinely couldn't see through the blindfold during any of this!

    PPS: For those who care, the blindfold says 'I need my beauty sleep' and it belongs to my wife.... I swear...
  9. Here we go:

    I know this Chris Ramsay meme is dead at this point, but I thought it was necessary.

    Good luck everyone!!!!

    (And before people start complaining about the thumb riffle instead of using the pinky count, you try to pinky count a $.25 deck of plastic bridge cards.)
  10. Good Luck Everyone!!
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  11. Lmao. That ending was so perfect. You just needed some thug lyfe music in the back as you walked away. That was amazing.
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  12. I hope this isn't over...time difference and all that I got to seeing this on Sunday, will still upload tomorrow though,Goodluck all
  13. Seeing that it was 44th anniversary of hip-hop the other day, I decided to bring some Music Equipment into the mix. A magician is never in trouble when he has an Akai Mpk mini at hand.

  14. I think it ends in like 4 hours....
  15. I had a really cool Idea for a trick,
    In real life it worked and it was pretty cool, in camera the angles were pretty bad, but I tried.
    I wanted to film a real life perfomance, but people here dont speak english.
    Also my camera isnt working so I had to film with my phone attached to a scarf with a rubber band :D.
    Hope you guys like it.

    Good luck everyone!!
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  16. Hello fellow conjurers!

    So this is my first time entering one of these contests. So here is my submission (see link below). I hope it is enjoyable or at least tolerable lol. Also, please let me know where and when I pick up my prizes as well. haha JUST KIDDING. Everyone else has had great submissions and I enjoyed watching all of them. Take care and best wishes.

    Here is the link to the video for this contest that I uploaded to my YouTube Channel. Let me know if you have any problems viewing it. Thanks again.


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  17. Is it just me or are we seeing a lot of new faces this time around? I've been doing these almost every Sunday for over 8 months now, so I'm always very happy to see some new contestants!
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  18. Dang it! I filmed a full on performance, and it wasn't until I got home that I realized.... I forgot to do my "in trouble" patter.... smh.

    I'll hit up a friend, see if I can perform it again, but if not, I'm out for this one! Great submissions by everyone!
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  19. Oh no, a magician is in trouble? Oops, fooled you!

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  20. Spectator: "But can I look inside to check if there's a second Rubik's Cube?"
    *Me gazing my eyes at them petrified lol O_O*
    Spectator: "Uhh"
    *Awkward silence*

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