Saturday Night Contest - Magician in Trouble

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FrancoPascali, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. YEAH! My buddy rocking it!
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  2. Wow I am in great company. Great work everyone. :)
  3. Can the deadline be extended? haha.
  4. Haha thanks, but no where as unique as your brilliant & humorous entry ;)
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  5. "Winner will be announce shortly after." It's 1:14 AM EST Monday August 14th, not sure this qualifies as 'shortly after'.
  6. Bet you the "internet was horrible" ;)

    It's all good though. Fantastic submissions by everyone.

    And tbf, the contest started a bit late.
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  7. Not sure if the contest is still on... but here is mine :) haha
  8. Good luck everyone.

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  9. Haha no fair, you are a rock star! That was bad ass though Michael. I just hope the contest was over before you submitted it. LMAO. just kidding. Nice work for real though :)


    (Also, sent you private message on unrelated matter when you get a sec. Thanks!)
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  10. And the winner is........ REV !

    I absolutely love the magician vs gambler plot, but often times there is poor acting that isn't very convincing . The blindfold however solves the problem because only the audience thinks you are in trouble . Love it!

  11. Congratz Rev!
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  12. Congratulations Rev!!
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  13. Congrats rev!
  14. Nice work Rev!
  15. Congratz, dude. Well deserved.
  16. Well deserved indeed. Nice work and congrats :)
  17. Well this is a nice way to start off the week!

    Thanks guys for all you kind words, and glad you're all digging the routine. And thank you Franco for really understanding the logic behind the blindfold. It's what John Guastaferro would call a 'One Degree Change' in that it's only a small thing, but it really takes to the routine to a new level and gives the 'mistakes' much more credibility than they typically have in a standard Magician vs Gambler routine.

    And well done to everyone else who entered. I was in good company.

    Thanks again guys! Looking forward to my prizes now!


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