Saturday Night Contest - Miracles For Haiti

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  1. well cards are made out of wood ( wood =parper and paper = cards:p
  2. I wouldn't miss this for the life of me. I am out of town right now, so I stole my younger cousin's camera and filmed this in the guest room I am staying in and uploaded with my aunts CPU. No time for fancy editing, music, or effects. Just wanted to get this in to make a difference on my part! Hope you enjoy it.

    Great Contest guys, and please lets keep Haiti in our thoughts throughout this entire ordeal.
    Here it is
    It is uploading now.

    Youtube won on upload time!
    Peace and love,
  3. I really liked yours simple but cool well done
  4. Thank you Jenai.
  5. I think you may win! i like how you used the D'lite routine to convey the message GREAT job!!
  6. its almost done please wait raiker

    its at 80 percent
  7. Guys, I`m gonna sleep now 2 AM here. :p
    Good night to you all.
    And help Haiti.
  8. First and foremost, we enjoyed watching each and every one of these. It's an amazing thing to see a community of magicians gathering together for the common goal of providing aid to a country in desperate need. You guys truly rock.

    Without further ado, however, tonight's winner is popchris3 for his very simple but well put together Haiti Relief video HERE. Congrats! Full prize info will be sent to you via PM in the next 24 hours.

    Thanks a ton to all of you that participated! It's our hopes that having an abundance of relief videos floating around the internet will do more good than we can imagine.
  9. this was my video raiker please watch and let me know what you think

    nvm it hates me ill put it up later hope you enjoy it when i do put it up :(
  10. Congrats Man!!!
  11. congrats popchris
  12. WHOA! I totally bed he's falling off of his chair over this now. He' has won twice now! He should get 125's, not Props or Centurions
  13. Lol, Mark!

    Just cause we are skyping and a fell off my chair cause I was so happy I won means nothing!

    So, thank you VERY much guys and I am in SERIOUS disbelief that I won... AGAIN.

    I really hope that all these videos help convince people to donate money to help these people.
  14. Nice work Chris youve done it again man! Congrats!
  15. Chris actually inspired me to donate, for real
  16. well after all the stupid problems and mistakes i made while trying to upload this was the video here it is. i was hoping to be in this contest
  17. ah, too late anyway... dang :(
  18. @Livingston88 I know its too late but I liked it! :D

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