Saturday Night Contest - Miracles For Haiti

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  1. Here's mine:

    The camera has much better quality than that - HD+ - but my software is crap stupid and going through the processors so many friggin times brings down the quality. Enjoy!

  2. what? you're patter made no sense at all.

    @2:27, you say that you're putting the crystal in your pocket, and then you proceed to "put the crystal in the other hand", which is supposed to be in your pocket as you said before, so that made no sense. then act like it vanishes, when u said it was supposed to be in your pocket the whole time ... and then when you say "its still gonna be in my pocket" you never attempt to show you putting it in your pocket, and instead you just produce it while it is still in ur hands. what?

    i have no clue what was going on in that trick, but good intro though.
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    "Donate to Haiti Earthquake Relief now by visiting"
    "Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10 to the relief effort
    "Go to to donate!!!

    my editing system was not working and i could not put in these messages but i hope you acceprt my video, i utilized wood and fire
  4. Currently says "Private" - let me know when you make it public.
  5. hey dennis im pretty sure you cant use caards
  6. It says it is private.
  7. thanks JR ya try it now

    That is my entry. Not glorious, but I wanted to show an elemental trick. Hope you enjoy, and I REALLY hope these videos convince some people to donate money.

    Great idea for a contest, and congrats to who wins!

  9. hey i dont care about the trick and btw im basically the only person using a natural resoursce crystals
  10. are u talking to me ???:confused:
  11. ya im pretty sure the earth doesnt naturally make cards but idk im not sure if u can use them
  12. I think you can use whatever you want as long as it centers around a thing that is earth related.

    Even so, it is still helping to get the word out to donate for haiti, so...
  13. Just a note that other items may be used, so long as the effect uses a natural element in some way.
  14. Here is entry to this SNC, if everybody that watched the video donated it would be really good, but I`m sure that is gonna help Haiti with a little at least.

    That was the only natural thing I had at home, because as it is 1:33 AM I couldn`t go outside to get something.

    Cya guys.
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    Hey here's my entry for tonight. It should finish converting in time. I spent most of the night working on how I wanted to present it, and what I wanted to say. I wanted to keep it short, simple, and to the point. I'm in the process of making a finished video with music and a few clips of the devasation, and what Haiti was like before. I plan to make this very nice and show it to one of my teachers. He used to live there and he knows some people there and I just thought I would show him this. This was a phenomenal idea for a SNC.

    Here's the link:
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    heres mine hope it works :)
    wait wrong video sorry dont watch

    please give me a chance i took a lot of time the real one is uploading it was the wrong video :(

    its uploading itll be done soon i have vimeo plus

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