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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by d+M, Apr 21, 2012.

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  1. In 1999, I got a tattoo on my right shoulder of a single playing card. The card was the favorite, lucky card of my grandfather, and the tattoo was done in his honor.

    The challenge tonight is to identify which card that is. A photograph of my tattoo will be posted at 11:00pm EST on the dot, in this forum thread, with the answer. Until then, the first person who posts correctly will take home the prize.

    What’s the prize? A brick of some of my favorite cards, Red Stingers. Limit one submission per member, so consider it well before posting your guess.

    Let the games begin...

  2. ace of clubs(its one club)
  3. 3 of clubs!
  4. BAH!
    2 of clubs?
  5. ace of spades
  6. 4 of spades
  7. King of Spades
  8. Jack of spades?
  9. Well... The ace of spades is the logical guess, but it's not my guess. I'll guess the 7 of hearts.
  10. ace of spades
  11. im going to say joker
  12. Six of clubs
  13. 4 of clubs, number one in Mnemonica...
  14. Ace of Hearts
  15. Seven of Spades.
  16. King of hearts?
  17. King of Spades
  18. I'm pretty sure it's the 4 of clubs... but I'm a little late now... It's a bit blurry but looks just like it.
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