Saturday Night Contest - Not Magic, But Magical

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  1. Does it have to be a link or can we just post the video right here, like DavidFlare did.
  2. Pen spinning!!! Increases your dexterity, which makes your magic SOO much smoother. Also notice the piano in the shot, another great dexterity-improving hobby :)

  3. [video=youtube;oH5JSqckCPE][/video]

    Here's my set design portfolio. I've done a few other shows after this but these are some of the first things. I've yet to compile pages for some of the latter shows including "Our Rotten Town", "Annie Get Your Gun", "Aida", "Macbeth" and "Once Upon a Mattress"
  4. You usually will load it onto a Youtube or Vimeo page and then you can post your video from there.
  5. I write/direct movies when I'm not practicing cardistry or magic. This is just a rush job; I shot and edited this in one week for a student film festival last semester:
  6. Thank you sir, I appreciate it!
  7. percussion i cant believe all the awesome talent here. well theres my entry. im a percussionist, and if you dont know what that is, i hit things with other things and make noise. i also juggle so i mixed a little of that in there.
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    sorry thats the wrong link, heres the right one watch this.
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    Mixed Talents


    A little mix of my video editing skills and a couple of the performances in the video are my own. (I'm the girl in the blue shirt, I first start with the hula hoop in the beginning and various other things throughout the video)
    Unfortunately I don't have my fire breathing in this one.
  10. One of my talents is in programming, and developing apps. Here are two of my latest projects:

    Cloudous Prototype. Interactive drag and drop file storage. No more emailing files to yourself, and access your documents, pictures, and videos from anywhere in the world! To see what I mean, visit the homepage and test it out. To see some of my files, you can go here.

    My second project is a website strictly for the iPhone (for now). It allows you to "Like" your friends text messages! Check it out by visiting on your iPhone.

    And that is my talent :D
  11. Thank you very much :)

    That sounds bloody hard, might give it a shot one day. Have you ever memorised more than one cube and solved them at the same time? Or tried it with larger cubes?
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    My entry. Some of my fire skills. The beginning clip is me goofing a bit at a party at our place, second clip is during a performance, and the last bit is my girlfriend and I breathing fire (I taught her how)

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