Saturday Night Contest - Playing Card Commercial

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. Stop asking questions and just make a video.

  2. First SNC in quite a while...
    this one sounded fun...

    tried to keep the magic/ flourishing to a minimum.
  3. Well, you got my vote.
  4. I vote for LuseifHo.
    This country is a democracatic one yes? This forum is a democratic one yes?
    He will win this, YES?
  5. I was up late and must have missed apologies for my mistake.
  6. Im not entering this one, but the submissions so far are really cool.

    Oh and Im surprised this hasn't been done yet.....Magical lamp...Genies, ......YES IM TALKING ABOUT ALADDINS. COME ON PEOPLE!

    - Jenai
  7. That is awesome! I am waiting for my entry to upload!
  8. Here is my entry! It is the best I could do without my good camera and without a camera man or editing system! I like it though! Has real meaning!

    This isn't just for the SNC, but also for my girlfriends mom and all the other breast cancer victims out there.

    I hope yall like it!
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  10. Wow. there are some good entries this time around. Judging won't be easy.

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