Saturday Night Contest : Randall Edition

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Thanks! :D

    This time my webcam might actually have a chance against all the "proper" cameras ^_^.

  2. I cant figure out a way to take a SS from the video..
    Thanks anyway
  3. :( I was afraid of this. Video entries are so much more expressive and have more room for humour / craziness.

    Good luck to everyone tonight :)
  4. Oh man, I don't have much time to edit this. It will be wonderful.

  5. This is my first 'on time' SNC' Entry, due to problems with my account.
    I uploaded it onto Photobucket and Youtube, to be sure of it being watched.
    They are both the exact same, im not trying to cheat here, just being safe.

    T11 Judges....
    Thank you for taking you time to watch my SNC submission, I hope I do well because this is the only entry (out or my two) that is on time.
    Thanks for being so great, especialy your Support Crew!

  6. Coin_aholic.....nice coin trick :) At first I thought you sleeved it, but it turns out I was wrong.

    Nicely done :)
  7. That was really good, the coin vanish was impressive, at least to me.
    You really looked like him though.
    Good job!
  8. Thanks guys for you comments on my coin work.Its actually from Cultural Xchange by Shoot Ogawa and Apollo Robinns.It called the Wither Vanish, and I added a (pretty bad) transfer and one of my productions i thought of specificaly for it.The Wither Vanish is part of Trinity.Good Luck, Dayton
  9. This is my first Saturday Night Contest. Hope you like it!

  10. Don't think I'll be joining this one, not in the mood for dressing up and taking pictures, but good idea, although you can't get funnier than Randall's real face expression of complete dumbness (no offense but to me he looks like a someone the aliens stole for tests) and his look, with that hat and stuff.
  11. How ironic that the related videos are discussions on string theory. Quite a jump from Randal to quantum physics...

    Nice job. Is Tom Cruise gonna play Randals' part?

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    Here is mine for this week. I really hope you like it haha.


    Oops forgot the hat. There it is now.
  13. I'm in a race against time right now to get this stuff finally uploaded. It's uploading now... SLOW DOWN TIME!


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