Saturday Night Contest : Randall Edition

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. good job sinful
  2. Congrats Sinful! Great video!

  3. Could someone post the EST time for me...
    So I can see when my deadline is weach Saturday...
    if you know the differance mine is Mountain Standard time (MST)
    Ab. Ca.
  4. The time is 11:42 EST.
  5. Ouch that hurt a bit.
    I put a trick into mine, and said I could help him get into the Art of Magic.
    but I'm not going to be a sore looser.
    good job everyone.
  6. Thanks guys :) I thought that it was going to be between me and Mitchell to be honest. I have never been so happy. I've never won a contest before in my life :) I just wish I had more time to do this one. Lighting was my worst enemy on this one. Plus when I took my pulse, I was going to use my microphone on my computer, but my microphone broke! Anyway, thanks to all. Good job all around. I'm still jumping up and down.

    Never did I think when watching Stigmata that Randall was going to get me this!:rolleyes:

  7. Congratulations Sinful. :)

    I knew a photo could never compete with a video :(
  8. A lot of excellent and funny submissions. Moreover, congratulations to Sinful-- enjoy your uncut sheet of Guardians!

    P.S. 11:00pm EST is equivalent to 9:00pm MST.

  9. Thank you Jack!
  10. That's hilarious Mitchell. I loved it! Randall's big glass's would have topped that off perfect. lol
  11. Congrats Doug! Maybe if you ask Wayne nicely you can get Randall to sign the sheet for you....

  12. Congrats Sinful! This goes to all the participants as well. :)
  13. Congrats Sinful
    I saw your video when you posted it and laughed my butt off but i never like to post on the forum saying something like "wow this one was really good" cuz its kind of mean for the other submissions.
    But yea when i saw your video i definately thought you should of won. So congrats, and amazing stuff from everyone tonight.
    Enjoy your uncut sheet.
  14. Thanks a bunch, I think that Mitchell's video was awesome. My first thought after laughing at the video was "Aw man I may have been beaten on this one." I love Mitchell's videos, your awesome man :)

    To the poster above me, HA! Having Randall's signature on the back would be hilarious, but nah I'm not gonna ask them to do that (nor do I think I actually want it;))

  15. Hey thanks a lot man! That means a lot!

    Enjoy your prize, it's a beauty :).


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