Saturday Night Contest - Red White and Blue

Feb 18, 2011
Under your bed
Guess 1::
Red:: Jack of Clubs
White:: 7 of Spades
Blue:: 3 of Diamonds

Guess 2::
Red:: 9 of Hearts
White:: 3 of Spades
Blue: Queen of Clubs

Guess 3::
Red:: 9 of Diamonds
White:: King of Hearts
Blue::Jack of Spades


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Jun 5, 2009
Charleston, SC
Alright guys, thanks to everyone who participated tonight! This was a fun one and I'm glad a lot of guys came and joined in!

Surprisingly, only a couple of people correctly guessed just one of the 3 face down cards. Here is the correct answer:

Red: Ace of Hearts
White: 8 of Hearts
Blue: 9 of Clubs

And Silent Angel was the first person to correctly guess 1 of the 3 correct cards! Here is his guess:

red - king of clubs
white - 4 of diamonds
blue - 9 of clubs

Please send me a PM regarding the prize and I will get back to you ASAP!

Thanks for entering tonight guys. We hope to see you back next week. Stay safe with fireworks, and as always, amaze people with your magic!
Jul 3, 2011
my ever so ambitious guess that i pray is right.

i would imagine that the red is eight of clubs, white is four of spades, and the blue is six of diamonds.
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