Saturday Night Contest - Red White and Blue

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  1. Here are my guesses. I based them on my natural ability to see through objects and pass through them. I hope it works with so much medium including my computer monitor's glass and the filter o it. :D

    Red: Six of Hearts
    White: Jack of Diamonds
    Blue: Four of Spades

    Red: Queen of Hearts
    White: Four of Clubs
    Blue: Eight of Hearts

    Red: Seven of Diamonds
    White: Two of Hearts
    Blue: Three of Spades
  2. 1.

    Red= Queen of clubs
    White= Six of hearts
    Blue= 7 of hearts


    Red=Queen of hearts
    White= Ace of clubs
    Blue=jack of hearts

    3. Red= 2 of clubs
    White= 6 of spades
    Blue = 5 of hearts
  3. 1st Guess:
    red= 4 of hearts
    white= 3 of spades
    blue= 2 of diamonds

    2nd guess:
    red=10 of spades
    white= jack of hearts
    blue= jack of diamonds

    3rd guess:
    red= ace of spades
    white= king of diamonds
    blue= ace of hearts
  4. Red: Ace of spades
    White: Ace of spades
    Blue: Ace of spades

    Red: 10 of clubs
    White: 3 of hearts
    Blue: 4 of diamonds

    Red: Jack of diamonds
    White: 7 of hearts
    Blue: 5 of diamonds
  5. Red- 6 of diamonds
    White-6 of spades
    Blue-6 of clubs

    Red - ace of spades
    White - ace of spades
    Blue - ace of spades

    Red - 2 of hearts
    White - 6 of spades
    Blue - jack of diamonds
  6. 1st

    Red Titaniums 7 of heart

    White Centurions 7 of heart

    Blue Titaniums 7 of heart

    all are 7 of heart :)


    Red Titaniums White Centurions Blue Titaniums

    all are king of spade :)


    Red Titaniums White Centurions Blue Titaniums

    all are Ace of heart :)

    this is a good game that more people can participate in : )~
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    1st guess
    Red Titanium= 8 of clubs
    White Centurion= 6 of spades
    Blue Titanium= Queen of clubs

    2nd guess
    Red Titanium= 3 of Spades
    White Centurion= 10 of Diamonds
    blue titanium= Jack of clubs

    3rd guess
    Red Titanium= Jack hearts
    white centurion= Jack of clubs
    blue titanium = 2 of clubs

    hopefully i'll win !!
  8. A:
    red - jack of clubs
    white - 2 of spades
    blue - 7 of clubs

    red - 10 of hearts
    white - 5 of diamonds
    blue - ace of hearts

    red - king of clubs
    white - 4 of hearts
    blue - 9 of clubs
  9. Red- four of clubs.
    White- four of spades.
    Blue- queen of spades.
  10. red - 5 of Spades
    white - 9 of Hearts
    blue - 2 of Clubs
  11. red - 7of diamonds
    white - jack of hearts
    blue - 4 of spades
  12. red- 8 of hearts
    white - ace of diamonds
    blue - 3 of Spades
  13. red - 8 of club
    white - 6 of spades
    blue - nine of heart
  14. Guess #1:

    Red- Jack of Spades
    White- Three of Hearts
    Blue- Seven of Hearts

    Guess #2:

    Red- Ten of Diamonds
    White- Four Hearts
    Blue- Eight of Clubs

    Guess #3:

    Red- Ace of Spades
    White- Queen of Hearts
    Blue- Nine of Diamonds
  15. 1st Guess:
    Red: 4 of Spades
    White: 8 of Spades
    Blue: 4 of Spades

    2nd Guess:
    Red: 3 of Hearts
    White: 10 of Clubs
    Blue: 5 of Spades

    3rd Guess:
    Red: 5 of Spades
    White: King of Diamonds
    Blue: 9 of Diamonds
  16. 1st guess
    Red Titanium= King of Diamonds
    White Centurion= 3 of Clubs
    Blue Titanium= Jack of hearts

    2nd guess
    Red Titanium= Queen of Hearts
    White Centurion= Ace of diamonds
    blue titanium= 4 of spades

    3rd guess
    Red Titanium= 3 of clubs
    white centurion= 7 of hearts
    blue titanium = 2 of hearts
  17. Red King of spades

    White ace of spades

    Blue seven of diamonds

    Red j of hearts

    White 8 of diamonds

    Blue q of spades

    R 5diamonds

    W 3clubs

    B 7 clubs
  18. 8 of Hearts
    A of Clubs
    6 of Clubs
  19. 7of spades
    2 of diamonds
    king of spades

    four of clubs
    ace of clubs
    seven of diamonds

    queen of diamonds
    four of spades
    3 of diamonds
  20. Red: 3 of Hearts
    White: 6 of Hearts
    Blue: 2 of Spades

    Red: Jack of Clubs
    White: Jack of Spades
    Blue: 2 of Clubs

    Red: Ace of Spades
    White: Ace of Spades
    Blue: Ace of Spades

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