Saturday Night Contest - Resolutions for 2020!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. 2019 was great! I got a full scholarship to Tannen's Magic Camp where i went for the first time, I auditioned for the junior program at the Magic Castle (although I didn’t get in on the first try, it was still a great experience!) I also got my first restaurant gig! I’ve been reading a lot more books (Eugene Burger, Juan Tamariz, Tommy Wonder.) And I made a lot of magician friends. As for New Years Resolutions, I’m going to try to perform even more, and re-audition for the Magic Castle. I can’t wait for 2020!
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  2. This year I've learned and perfected a lot of card moves such as the classic pass. In 2020 i'm going to try to learn how to do a good bottom deal and be nicer to everybody.
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  3. In 2019, the exhaustion from all the other areas of my life emanated into my magic. Don't get me wrong, there have been many wonderful things in 2019 and I am very fortunate in life. However, the effort put into other things in life left little mental stamina for doing the heavy lifts I need to push my magic to the next level. So the goals from 2019 will carry over.

    For 2020 - the next decade in magic....

    1. Perfect my needle swallowing routine
    2. Perfect the rest of the routines in my hour long show
    3. Perform the show!
  4. This particular year (2019) was not a year for me and my magic/cardistry achievements because I had to focus on work and studies, so I left some things appart (but not completely)...
    I wish I could develope more and more this next 2020, specially in my card magic because it's one of my passions and I really felt a little empty this last year not having enough time for it...

    Have a Happy New Year all of you t11 comunity!!!
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  5. First Post Ever!

    In 2019, my family, especially my children, became increasingly interesting in learning card magic. I have had to learn how to be a mentor while also acknowledging my own limitations and need for improvement as an amateur. Having to assist others has also pressured me to clean up my techniques and get rid of any bad habits; for instance, I chose to switch from using a regular double turnover to the Stuart Gordon method. I’ve also focused on perfecting and improving the speed of different false shuffles and faro shuffles.

    In 2020, I want to focus on being a better role model in general but also in the magical arts for my family. This means continuing to push myself to clean and advance moves but also develop better more intriguing patter (something I’ve neglected in the past). I’m also working on developing my first magic trick which I plan on giving/teaching to my kids as a gift next year (the gimmick/device is going to take a while to get just right). I’d say more about that but they peruse the forums and I want to keep the details a secret.

    Happy New Years everyone!
  6. I have only been doing magic for a couple of years. 2019 was spent doing magic for the family. If I could amaze my grandsons, 13 and 15, it was time well spent.

    I have collected quite a few effects and books, so my goal for 2020 is to actually use them. Instead of jumping back and forth I plan on taking my time to actually master some of what I have.

    Happy New Year
  7. 2019 was a good year. I learned mnemonica and now use the mem deck all the time. I also have released 2 original card effects. I have been working on some hard slights and harder tricks. I have also got more books and cards witch I love.
    In 2020 I would like to create some more effects but not force them so that they are rushed or bad. I would also like to advance my self as well as I can slight of hand and tricks. I will also work on presentation. I also want to preform more and have more gigs.

    Happy new year!!!
  8. 2019, in regards to magic, has been less than stellar. Everything got a lot better this year in other aspects. But I, personally, achieved very little.
    If anything, I did help my daughter throughout the year with routining and performing for her friends and family.

    For next year:
    - continue helping the daughter with magic
    - start volunteer performing at assisted living homes
  9. 2019 was a terrible year for my family, there was a lot of grief and suffering. Some years are filled with happiness and wonderful memories, some are dark and solemn. My magic was what kept me going, it’s hard to remain positive when all is being taken away. When you show someone something new ,get that giggle, or silence of amazement. All I know is that I have finally found the time to publish my trick, time is a constant and risk is everything. Waiting for the right time may never happen, today is now and tomorrow may be too late.
    I welcome 20/20 change for the new.
    Good luck to all in the new decade.
  10. This past year has been very magical for me.

    I served out my 4th consecutive term as President of our local guild and was awarded a plaque for the long service and for all I’ve done for the club with marketing, media news, teaching, mentoring, etc as well as serving as President/Vice/Secretary all in one for the past 4 years keeping our club strong.

    I’ve been creating, re-creating, and writing many new effects that will start hitting the market in 2020.
    On Thanksgiving I gave a game away called Catchphrase Magic Edition for Free that went worldwide for all magicians.
    I started a new Magic Media company called TADA News here on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube that updates daily with news, articles, contests, dealers, etc etc.
    This year was a busy one for sure.

    In 2020 I will begin performing again and I will be running my News company and learning how to properly film and edit on the new iPhone 11 so I may film my own tutorials and do a weekly vid for my news group.

    The best of luck to everyone in 2020!
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  11. Also I have had some very problematic health issues that I hope to resolve in 2020 but didn’t want to get too personal.
    Just stuck with Magic related.
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  12. I began drifting away from Cardistry since early 2018 due to my lack of time to practice, and started focusing on solely collecting playing cards instead. Of course, I am still a huge fan of card magic and Cardistry, would still watch videos from time to time. The favorite deck I've collected this year was definitely the Gold Artisans deck. I loved the concept of the hunt. Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I gathered, all T11 did was posted a picture of the deck on Instagram and the speculation began within the community - no further information was given. It wasn't until some fans who stumble upon the decks at their local Targets and that was when the hunt began for everyone! I really enjoyed my time hunting down the deck at Targets near me, it was like a mini scavenger hunt. I thought it was really creative and interesting on how the decks were released it. I shared this story with my friends, and me trying to hunt this deck down, they all thought it was quite fascinating. Finally after hitting more than six Targets, I finally found the deck! Almost wanted to jump up and down like a maniac at the Target. Most fun I have ever had in a while in regards to playing cards this year for sure.

    For 2020, I hope to get back into practicing Cardistry more. Also, I'd love to give away some of my most prized decks to my friends whom I met at college in a series of games that I would be hosting and played out next time when I meet them. It might not mean much to my friends since they’re just “playing cards” but I really wanted to share them, show my appreciation, and let them in on this niche hobby of mine. Handing out Rarebits will definitely be one challenging goal! :p

    Happy new year, everybody.

    p.s. I just won 1,000 elite points from the Holiday Wheel, add that to my 2019 accomplishments!
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  13. Congrats Ryan! Your post was randomly selected as the winner for this week's contest, and the last contest of this decade! Congrats! Please send an email to our support team so we can get your prize sent out to you ASAP!

    We really enjoyed reading through all of your goals and experiences from this year and what you all have planned for the next year and beyond. It's amazing that the art of magic and cardistry has brought all of us together in this moment, to share with one another and grow in the passion that we love. Super privileged to be a part of this community, and we've got big things in store for 2020. See you all next year for a new contest!
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  14. Congratulations Ryan!
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  15. Wow thanks! This is great! Great way to end the year!
  16. Congrats!
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  17. Congratulations
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  18. Ryan, you’ve made it!
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  19. Congrats Ryan!
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  20. I think you mean next decade ;):D

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