Saturday Night Contest - Resolutions for 2020!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. 2019 was a very good year. The highlight for me was my wedding. As for the magic, I stoped a little bit. Also my university was taking a lot of my time so magic was kind of just waiting. But next year I wish that I will begin to practice more, espacially with cards. Among other resolution is also travelling to the hidden corners of the world with my wife.

    Happy new year everybody :)
  2. In 2019 i performed more at my new college campus, i would like to grow my instagram dedicated to magic (@evanwhitemagic) and go viral with magic.
  3. 2019, my first year in learning magic.
    This year ive ive nothing but piss off my wife trying the hundreds of tricks i iearnt on her as first performance. Some good, some horrible. Ive built a small repertoire of a dozen tricks at most, that have bought me drinks at the bar and had me called . A professional. (Easy stuff but well pattered)

    This year i want to quit smoking as my personal resolution. Stop pissing my wife off and attempt my luck at learning new tricks with total stragers passing in the park , more often and find my outs in mentalism as well as really start to challenge my self into learning the basic sleights in order to false shuffle/cut and do the pass.
  4. This year a focused more on work, opposed to performing magic. I did however find enough time to practice.
    As a christmas gift I got from my family a really cool camera stand with lights, as well as a camera. So for the new year.. I would like to spend more time learning myself how to edit videos, as well as shooting better. I want to be more active, as this will not only bring a lot of joy, but I will be learning so many new things!

    Happy new years everybody!

  5. It’s been an incredible last couple of months getting back into an old hobby of mine I used to enjoy daily; card magic. 15 years ago I used to practise with a singular blue bicycle deck, I still have it somewhere and it probably is worth digging out to see it’s condition today, I’ll look into that.

    With the little time I’ve had with the forum this year, I can honestly say that it has definitely helped inspire me to start creating again. I’ve had the ‘magic’ of life delivered into my arms at the beginning of December with a beautiful baby girl so time will be limited. However, going into 2020 my ambition will be to pick up more decks for practising and collecting respectively, also to pick up some of the book recommendations from helpful forum users, and to contribute and learn more and more from the fantastic wealth of knowledge on here.

    I hope everyone has a great new year.
  6. At the beginning of this year there was no time to deal with cards. But now, on New Year's Eve, a desire to learn something new and surprise people again appeared. Happy New Year, everyone!
  7. This year I’ve pulled back on collecting cards, and focused more on my sleights. I’ve spent a large amount of time relearning old sleights that I needed work on, or learning sleights that have been published a long time ago but I just neglected to pick up.

    A few of this things include the clip shift and the top change. Both on the opposite ends of the difficulty spectrum. Whilst the knacky move-monkey sleights I find fun to practice, the timing and misdirection of the top-change has been an interesting challenge.

    I rarely perform nowadays and the times that I have I realise that my nerves can get out of control.

    So for 2020, my goal is to continue to practice sleights, but perform more to get out of my comfort zone to dial back the nerves.

    Happy New Year all!
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  8. At the beginning of this year I knew absolutely nothing about Cardistry. But now I can (almost) perfectly execute the Charlier, Charlier spin and scissor cut. Along with the a couple of different packet cuts.
    I also created a card switch that uses all natural movements which I am planning on putting on the marketplace.
    I guess my New Years resolution would be to put myself out there and get more gigs. And to work more on my routines instead of the moves.
  9. 2019 was not a great year for my Cardistry. I became quite inactive and I almost didn't do cardistry for 1/4th of the year. Was busy graduating from college and work stuff. Although for 2020, I do plan to get cardistry back as an active part of my life, along with my other resolution of waking up early in the morning.
  10. I’ve had a lot of fun being part of the online card and magic community I have been Building my card collection and performing magic that I haven’t done since I was a teenager. I hope to learn more magic, spend more time practicing and meeting new friends. It’s been a great year.
  11. This year I got back to learning the Mnemonica stack, and am doing fabulous stuff with it. I also had my first paid performance this summer, wich was a milestone for me. My goal for 2020 is to earn enough money by doing magic to buy some books, because I'll only be spending money made by magic on magic. Except for a Dani Daortiz Masterclass :)

    Hope you all had a good year, and that 2020 will be even better!
  12. This year I have learned several new cardistry moves and some pretty nice magic tricks. I also memorized Mnemonica in mid December so next year I’m concentrating on learning some effects using it. I had some early ideas concerning my very own deck of cards.

    My most important goal for the year 2020 is to design the whole deck and make the artwork ready. Hopefully I can start thinking about the production at the end of the year :)
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  13. This year I took the challenge of creating magic tricks and moves. after years of practicing tricks created by others, this year I finally managed to create new things on my own :)

    the goal is to share those ideas with the world and publish them on the marketplace for everyone to enjoy:D already working hard on bringing those ideas to life and of course, to create more and more amazing things.
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  14. This year I started performing more and I managed to script most of my tricks. I now have got a few tricks in my repertoire that I perform often and that I can do pretty well. Towards the end of the year I got into more mentalism, so my new year resolution is to continue to study more mentalism and also to meet and learn from new magicians.
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  15. After staying with my cousin earlier this year, he introduced me to his large collection of cards and magic tricks. I was instantly hooked, and decided that I wanted to start collecting cards and learning magic. Even though I’ve only just begun, and only have a few decks, this upcoming year I’m planning to expand my collection by getting a large variety (and maybe even some rare) cards, and learning lots of new tricks! I thank everyone at Theory 11, and hope all of y’all have a happy new year!
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  16. I recently left my job and I’m so happy to have started new studies in a field I always wanted to work this year. I hope it will bring my life where I want to. For the next year I’m really looking forward to finding a new place to live and a new work that I will love doing !
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  17. Well I took a break from magic the later part of 2019. Life seemed to take over. A lot going on personally, forced me to take a step back. Unfortunately magic became insignificant. I'm slowly getting back into the groove again.
    For 2020, I'm hoping to take a step forward in magic. I'm developing a new effect, well I hope it's newly lol. I'm also looking to perform at an event with a pipe band my family is a part of.
    Good luck and best wishes to Theory11 and Everyone on this forum.

    Please... Wish me Luck lol
  18. This year has been absolutely life-changing in the area of magic for me. Firstly, right at the beginning of the year, I first discovered theory eleven from an ad card in a pack of TXI guardians which I had received for Christmas. I instantly fell in love with the site and signed up for an account. Throughout this last year, I have been gradually growing my repertoire through things I have bought in this site, as well as magic books and tricks of my own invention. Then, near the beginning of summer, I joined an online magic comminity/library which helped to further my skills. Several weeks later, I discovered the book "Mysyerious Stranger" by David Blaine which broadened my view of the field of street magic and helped me to really get into that area of performing. Later, around the end of August, I once again learned a valuable lesson when I went to the park in an attempt to practice close-up performance. However, I was way to nervous and realized that I was far to underprepared needed to practice far more. Then, around the end of August, I took first place in a children's short story writing contest and won $500 ( https// ). Although many people said that I should use it to get some more in-depth writing education, I knew that although I do aspire to one day be an author, above and beyond that, I truly want to be a magician. I put about $400 of this in the bank and used the rest to further my magic education.
    As for my new year's resolution, I wish to improve at many things. To name a few of the most important, I wish to improve my magician persona, strengthen my skills of misdirection and to actually succeed in my attempts to approach someone random and show them magic, among many other aspirations.
    Anyway, thank you for helping me so much with magic, theory 11. ( :
  19. This year taught me to appreciate everything you have.
    So for 2020 I just wish health and peace.
  20. 2019 was a year for perserverance.

    2020 will be one for personal conquest.

    Happiest of New Years to everyone here. Thanks for all the inspiration over the years. Y'all are the best :cool:.
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