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  1. Hi Eric!!

    did you always wanted to do magic or it´s just came along?
    what is your favorite trick to perform?...and by this I mean a trick of yours..
    I was wondering, where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  2. What were some of the first tricks that you created and what trick had gave you inspiration to create Crush?
  3. What is the single most interesting or memorable event in all of your magic career?
  4. I've noticed that your constantly creating new ideas and techniques. Yet,
    1.what is an effect that you've recently had trouble putting together?
    2.what, besides magic, keeps you motivated to be a magician?
    3.If you could have a TV show were you performed magic, what would be your opening effect to the show?
  5. what is your favorite trick or type of magic do you like to perform?
    How do you feel about the direction that magic is heading?
    can you tell us about your most memorable performance?
  6. What is your ultimate goal in magic? Is it to become a successful performer, creator, get on tv, create that impossible dream effect, etc?
  7. Sorry if I accidentally repeated a question.

    1. What would be the best time to perform CRUSH? A cool opener? An awesome closer? Or smack in the middle?

    2. What's the typical reaction when performing CRUSH? Speechless, jaws dropped? Screams of excitement?

    3. Would you consider yourself more of a creator or a performer?

  8. 1. Who is your favourite performer to watch?
    2. Did CRUSH turn out as you intended?
    3. What else can we expect from you in the future?
  9. Where do you find inspiration to create a miracle like CRUSH?

    Were there any big motivators that started you off in your magic career or inspire you to creat tricks like CRUSH?

    Have you ever preformed CRUSH wth a can of the "CRUSH" soda? :D

    THank you!!
  10. When you look at a salt shaker, what effect comes to mind?

    If you have a gig in some grand party, and is only allowed to perform only three effect, what would these three effects be?

    Regarding your bellybutton?are you an In-type Bellybutton?or an Out-type Bellybutton?
  11. what happened to papercrane seling crush? hpw long has crush been modified, woked on and experienced with? will this trick require an immense amount of skill?
  12. What sort of process do you go through before you create an effect, and how long do you work on it before you feel it is complete?
  13. Snc

    What inspired you to become a magician?

    Who bought you your first trick and what was it?

    What about magic do you love?

  14. Who Inspired you to start performing magic, And when did you start, your age that you started or something?
    How do you think CRUSH will affect the way we see magic today?
    How do you go through the process of creating a new effect that no one has seen before.
  15. Which is longer, your right index finger or your right ring finger?

    In terms of nature elements, which one do you prefer or want to use in Magic?(Earth,Fire,Wind,Electricity, or Water)

    After you wake-up in the morning, what is the second thing you do?(The first obviously is wash and freshen up)
  16. Can CRUSH fit into any magicians routine?
  17. Are you the creator of Crush ? Or its someone behind it ?

    After performing Crush, Will it end Clean ?

  18. Not quite sure if that post violates the last part.. just pointing it out.

    And although it may not, and probably won't be answered considering how close it is to 11- Were the reacitons you got after performing Crush different from what you expected while making the effect? If so, how?

    And by the by, thanks for releasing what is looking like a PHENOMENAL effect!
  19. Podcast has been posted! Eric was very sick tonight and we almost had to cancel less than an hour ago - but he was a trooper and make it happen.

    We answered as many questions as we could - covering details on Crush, practicality of Crush, the creative process, his roots in magic, and much more. Listen to the MP3 by clicking HERE directly.

    Tonight's randomly selected winner - who will receive the Crush DVD on the house - is RHR. Congrats and enjoy!
  20. Hmmmmm...

    Who or what inspired you to create this effect? What made you even think of creating it?

    How long have you developed it and been sitting on it?

    When was the point that you knew that you had something awesome and releasable on your hands?


    EDIT: Dang, logged on and I was too late :) Oh well. Congrats!

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