Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable with Jason England

May 3, 2008
Hong Kong
1. How do you feel about performing gambling demonstrations without an actual patter? Just demonstrating.
2. How do you feel about so many teenagers learning these gambling moves online that you and many others took years to perfect?
3. Why did you get into gambling moves rather than other forms of performing?
Feb 20, 2010
Toronto, Canada
Hey Jason, you are simply one of the best there is and I admire the skill you have. I have 3 questions for you:

1. I know that you perform gambling demonstrations, but what type of card magic do you typically perform. Do you combine magic with gambling demonstrations? If so, do you then represent your magic as pure sleight of hand?

2. How do audience reactions differ from when you perform gambling demonstrations then of that when you perform magic? Do you perform magic as sleight of hand, or as something magical?

3. Would you ever consider producing an Erdnase Expert at the Card Table DVD-set similar to the one made by Wesley James? Do you think that a set of DVD's could ever do the book justice?
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Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
is there one sleight you feel is the Pinnacle to reach for any card mechanics? or one that is the most important?

You are hosting a poker night for you and 5 close friends. Who is sitting in on this momentous, epic, "fictional" game? (alive, dead, magician or other)

Where did the term "Muck" or "Mucking" oringinate? any reason why?
Jan 13, 2008
2) Jason, I own a few of the 1-on-1's that you teach. With regard to the center deal in particular (although this would apply to any difficult sleight), I've had a lot of difficulty with it; it almost seems like I'm making zero progress on the sleight. I realize it's a difficult sleight, and will take time to master. However, do you have any (general) advice for practicing difficult sleights such as these? Anything to make the learning process a little less...harsh?


Mar 4, 2008
Hey Jason.

The main question I have deals with the new 1 - on - 1: The Push Off Second Deal. I've been practicing the Strike Second Deal for a few months now, and was interested in knowing any differences between these 2 variations of second dealing. Is one easier to perform than the other? Does the Push Off Second Deal provide any advantages that the Strike Second Deal doesn't (or vice versa)?
Sep 1, 2007
In your opinion, whats the most underrated/underused card move of all time?

In your opinion, what was the most innovative or revolutionary sleight released the past decade? (2000-2010)

You have a vast collection of books, cards, die, etc etc. What is your most prized magic or cheating related possesion?

I know only 3 questions allowed...but I gotta ask...what is your opinion on Epic Beard Man?
Nov 8, 2009
Do you think that Street magic is here to stay?

Is there any way that you think the magic community could be improved ?, from relations between elders and youngsters, to the time it takes before a trick should be put out on themarket.

In what way do you think that you have changed the art of magic for the better?
Jul 7, 2008
When did you started of Magic ?

Who influence you into Magic ?

Who is your All time favourite Magician ?


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Sep 13, 2008
1) Where, in the US, do you believe is the highest concentration of good card magicians?

2) Do you prefer a set practice schedule, or do you free wheel more? Meaning, do you have X, Y and Z that you practice, or do you just work on whatever you like?

3) What has inspired your outlook in life the most? A book, a movie or play, for example, that has really inspired your thought processes and view of life.
Jan 30, 2010
My Qestions for Jason England

1) What cards do you most frequently use?

2) What cardist inspired you the most over the years?

3) How old were you starting out in magic and card cheating?
Aug 23, 2009
What first inspired you to learn gambling moves? Before you started card cheats did you do magic? Last, what moves have you practiced the most
Jul 18, 2009
Are you more of a fan of magic, or sleights and moves? Why?

If, when you first started out in magic, got to pick 3 moves that you would be able to do perfectly for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?

What would you suggest to a young magician eager to learn magic?
Feb 20, 2010
three questions for Mr. Jason

1.)When you were still a beginner on the art of card cheating, when and where did you practice it?(without your parents or friends knowing it.)

2.)Did your parents told you to stop card cheating because it can get you in a sticky situation? haha..

3.)Did you ever used your talent to cheat on a professional game? like on a casino?(cause I'm sure you definitely used it for casual games.) haha..

Thanks, *Ian.
May 3, 2008
1.We've all seen your cheating demonstrations, but what experience do you have actually cheating in the real world? (Not meant to sound cynical)

2. (Add-on to question 1.) Where in the real world did you cheat. Did you cheat in minor casinos or strangers or just for friends.

3. Did you ever cheat in your advantage for money? If so, did you see anything morally wrong against what you were doing?
3 ?'s

1. If you were a potato, would you have removable and replaceable body parts?

2. If you had Neo from the Matrix on your side fighting with you, how long do you think you would last against Chuck Norris?

3. How often do you use your card table super powers against evil (and good) guys?
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