Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable with Spidey

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  1. Whats is your favourite trick (Mentalism or Not) to perform to someone with no props?
  2. What inspired your latest release and how did you find that inspiration?
  3. When you preform street magic do mostly like to do mentalism effects?
    What inspired you to make the effect Psycho?
    Funniest , or even just most memorable reaction from a spectator that happen when you preform.
  4. How did Spidey started out in magic?

    Favorite Magician?

    Coke or Pepsi?
  5. What inspires you to create such unique effects?
    What would you consider your most powerful effect that you have in your repertoire?
  6. What advice can you give to an individual who is interested in preforming mentalism but has never gone out and actually preformed mentalsim before?

    What are some of your recommendations for great mentalism filled books that are currently out there?

    what advice can you give from your own experience about creating a mental effect?
  7. is there anything in your career that you wish you'd done differently?
  8. If you were putting on a big las vegas show what would be your opener and closer ?
  9. Hey Spidey :)

    1. What would you change about mental-ism in general?
    2. What do you think is missing in mentalism?

    And on a more serious note, who would win in a fight? You or Batman? :D

    Take care

  10. Hey Spidey,what do you like more about mind reading trick than coin or card tricks?
  11. Here is another question,so Spidey when some of your friends push you and say do a trick, what trick do you do ,and what trick do you think is the best to perform in those situations
  12. 1) Psycho was extremely Genius, Can we expect more from you ?
    2) What's your favorite Song?
  13. Hey Spidey. I have been allotted 10 minutes to perform for a crowd of 200+ people. The performance is on stage and there are projectors arranged so the audience has a clear view of whats going on, on the stage. Can you suggest few routines that I could perform in such situation. Thanks a lot :)
  14. What helps you control an audience to build up an illusion for themselves ( through mentalism) and make them convince themselves rather than you convincing them that what you did was all 'coincidence'/magic?
  15. In an unexpected situation (people suddenly ask for tricks), what trick you will perform?
  16. 1. Why did you go down the route of mentalism?
    2. What would you do if one of your effects did not work/did not go as planned?
    3. Who/What is your main inspiration for creating effects?
  17. 1) How can make arrange a act for your mentalism show ?
    2) How could you create a Mentalism effect ?
    3) Will you perform and lecture in Asia ( especially, South East Asia)
  18. How do you practice your mentalism like muscle reading ?
    Do you like spiders?
    How are you?
  19. What is your opinion on card flourishes. Do you use them in your performances?
  20. 1. What is key to performing a mentalism effect?
    2. What is the perfect moment to perform a mentalism effect?
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