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  1. What’s up guys! Hope you all are having a fantastic week! Tonight’s contest was inspired from me taking final exams all last week. I was sitting at my desk thinking of an answer, when I got the idea of doing magic with objects you could find in a school setting as a contest. Thanks final exams?

    Disregarding exams, I feel that this will give people a nice challenge to branch out into doing magic with ordinary objects you could easily find at school – rubber bands, paperclips, pens, pencils, erasers, markers, etc.

    Your job tonight is to take any item you would find in a school setting, and create an effect using those item(s), or make a variation on an existing effect and make it your own. Creativity and presentation count as bonus brownie points!

    All entries should be posted as a response to THIS forum thread by 7:30pm EST tomorrow (Sunday) for judging! You all get a full 24 hours to participate this week! All videos should be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and with the link to your video posted in your response.

    What shall the winner receive? A 6 Pack of JAQK Playing Cards shipped on the house! Also, we are going to up the stakes by giving away a FREE EMC 2011 Access Pass to tonight's winner.

    Get to it!
  2. nice. very nice.
  3. Are we allowed to post several effects? And if so should they all be on the same video?
  4. You can post several effects and post a few links into your response, however we are looking for the best one of them all. Try your best to pick the one that we will like the most, or if you can't decide, submit them all! We look at every submission carefully.
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    Based off of the Linking Rubber Bands! Home you enjoy
    Uses only 2 rubber bands and no gimmicks!!!!
  7. [video][/video]

    HEres mine with a school id and good luck to everyone
  8. Iv'e got the PERFECT effect!! It always got to me how I needed a number 2 pencil and I never seemed to have one so one day I just turned my pen into a pencil! Let's see if I can find that video...
  9. Hi jrod21! I saw your single rubber band effect and I just remembered a similar effect of mine that I did several years ago. But I wasn't able to finalize the effect's procedure that I never were able to perform it around. Anyway, I guess by seeing yours, I might end up finishing that magic. That by the way, uses rope instead of rubber band. :)
  10. I believe it is supposed to be original.
  11. OMG I CANT THINK OF ANYTHING!! (well that looks good) most of mine are color changes... So far ive created color changing markers, rulers, and paper clips... except they dont look good... im trying to think of a way to turn my math notebook into my english journal... except I cant think of a method!!
  12. He said it can be a variation on a pre existing effect. He's not using a playing card so technically it is a variation.

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