Saturday Night Contest - School Is Out!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Glad I could be of some assistance unintentionally haha Sounds like it will be interesting if you use rope, but good luck!
  2. But I also believe that it's supposed to be related to school. And that still doesn't look any different than the original.
  3. Acttuly it's a school I.D and i reproduce it diferently then he does so technicly it's a varition
  4. I wanted to create sg. different from pencils and rubbers...It's a cool original trick by myself.
    It's just a normal backpack.
    Yeah, it's red! Rock 'n' Roll !!!! :D
    I used no gimmicks, as I said it's normal.
    If I forget to take in sg important in my backpack that's how I correct my fault. :D
    (If I can't go home from school) :p
    I hope you enjoy it!

    (It would be better with more practice but I hand no time.I hope you look for creativity :D )
  5. [video=youtube;1tGLacyMbNo][/video]

    Hope you enjoy this and good luck to all.
  6. Haha. Thanks by the way. :)
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    Here is my entry. Very crappy performance given the time restraints. Variation on an old effect, or new if you only know about Transit :p Thinking about doing another video of the same effect, hopefully a bit better though. We'll see.

    Decided on making another video of a more visual version. I personally think it looks better but the performance is still crappy haha. It can be found here.

    Good luck everyone.

    P.S. The links should work, please let me know if something is wrong.
  8. Hey guys!

    Just want to let everyone know that you all have 1 hour left to post your entries!

    We are going to up the stakes by giving away a FREE EMC 2011 Access Pass to tonight's winner. Get them in!
  9. That's so sweet! :)
  10. Wow, thank you. What an amazing prize!
  11. So I was thinking about school. Then I was hungry, thought about lunch. Then I thought about school and lunch, and how my brother plays cards at lunch. Then I thought about lunch money. And yeah. This happened. Here's my SNC entry. Hope you like it.

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