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Saturday Night Contest - Smoke & Mirrors Showdown

Apr 3, 2010
well.. looks like my slow computer screwed me over.. :-/ im new to this so i wouldn't have won anyways. i saw a lot of amazing videos, good luck guys..


vp of development
Team member
Aug 5, 2007
...and TIME! Amazing submissions tonight, guys. Before we announce our winner, we'd like to specifically extend honorable mentions to vietiscool (who was a few minutes late - amazing entry!), RyanOchs, and jasonffx for your entries. You guys all made this a close contest!

Our winner tonight, however, is TheCardician for his submission HERE. We loved the rhythm in both the production of the video and the cardistry itself. Well done! Full info on redeeming your uncut sheet will be sent via PM within 24 hours.

Thanks again to all who participated! You guys rock. :cool:
Jun 14, 2009
Thanks so much guys! I'm really surprised I won! There were some really amazing submissions. See y'all next week!
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