Saturday Night Contest - Smoke & Mirrors Showdown

Jan 30, 2010
Tusk, North Carolina
Man, if only I was had more time to practice for the contest. (and was better at flourishing)

But I must say that the Smoke and Mirrors are unique. They handle so much smoother than any other deck I own yet they don't feel slick. Good job Si Scott and Dan and Dave for making these cards
Apr 3, 2010
aahhh! i have ten minutes to edit and upload my video, plus im new to cardistry! i have a lot of negative feelings going on, but im gonna try my best to enter!
May 18, 2008
Really quickly, here is my video! It might STILL be uploading, but hey, in 6 minutes, it will be done. So, here before the deadline...

Yeah, just for the record, I had to restart my computer 4 times to get my software to actually save the video. In doing so, it took out and added some clips that weren't originally in there. Oh well, still pays respect to the late and great steamboats... :(
Nov 28, 2009
In celebration of the (second) release of Dan and Dave's acclaimed SMOKE&MIRRORS v4 playing cards Monday night at 11:00pm EST - we felt it was proper to host a cardistry competition... with an extremely rare, one of a kind prize.

Your task tonight is to create a 30 to 60 second (maximum) cardistry video using any of the four editions we've released in the SMOKE&MIRRORS line of playing cards. Don't have any of the S&M decks? How do you sleep at night?! Don't worry - if you don't have any Smoke & Mirrors, just use your favorite deck. Except these. Don't use these.

Highlight a few of your favorite moves. You don't have to be able to do a million different flourishes, as it only has to be 30 seconds to qualify - but you should be able to showcase a few moves well. That's the goal of tonight's contest. All submissions should be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or and posted as a response to this thread no later than 11:00pm EST, for judging.

Now... onto the prize. We wanted to give away something truly unique tonight. With only ONE currently sitting in our offices, the prize tonight is an uncut S&M v4 sheet in pristine condition - hot off the press. Yours for the taking. Show us what you got...

My Entry

Just in time; Yes!!!!! It scared me how much time rendering and uploading took.
Also, good luck to everyone.

Sorry, I didnt realize I posted this twice. There are two more posted earlier than this post above.
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