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  1. In his 2007 TED talk, JJ Abrams tells the story of a mysterious box his grandfather gave him as a child. That box - full of magic tricks from Tannen's in New York City - was enormously inspiring to Abrams. He never opened it, realizing that the idea of what might be inside of it was possibly more powerful and compelling than the actual contents. In the years that followed, that box inspired him to remember the power and potential of mystery.

    Like that original mystery box, tonight, we want to know what's most meaningful to you. Around you - in your house, in your office, anywhere - allow us into your world and show us one particular object that is significant, meaningful, or in some way inspiring to you. It could be something simple - JJ's was just a kraft paper bag - but the meaning was far greater.

    Take a photo of the object and post it in response to this forum thread, along with a short description of why it means so much to you. You have until 7:30pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, March 2nd to submit your image and description - a full 24 hours to enter!

    After time is up, we will go through every entry and select an image/description that we believe is the most significant. That person will walk away with 1,000 Elite Member Points and their very own Mystery Box, on the house.

    We all have something that means a lot to us. We are looking forward to reading about what means a lot to you, and why!
  2. Hmm..

    So your just judging us based on the message of this item and the, I guess for lack of a better term, power of the item that it gives us?
  3. My girlfriend.

    She has helped me through so much in the year and 4 months we've been together, she's been a tester for every magic effect I learn and create, she's always been there for me and no matter what has stuck by my side through everything.

    Also, she's landed me a few magic gigs.

    So I choose her, because she means more than anything to me.
  4. We are not judging based on the object you choose, but why you chose it. Make sure you let us know why it means so much to you and its significance in your life. If you do that, you have a chance to win!
  5. Is my post eligible?

    Being as it's not a taken photo of something it's a photo of something taken a while ago, does it need to be a fresh photo taken from the SNC post?
  6. This. I found a video a while back on how to make a box out of cards. This was when i was first into magic. Then i took my first ever deck i got and made it into this Flashfoward 2 yrs later and i found this under my bed. I thought back and i decided to get back into magic. That is when i discovered this site and other magic site and it inspired me to practice daily on one trick until i blew my family's mind. Magic is my life, my passion. It has given me many friends over the last year.It was all thanks to this card box that i am what i am today.
  7. In 1998 a 4 year old kid was left without a father. That kid was me. My dad died from a rare form of kidney cancer. And this is what I have left. He was a CHP officer. I remember using his handcuffs to try and escape from them. This badge is more than a badge, it is a symbol of him, and the memories I have left, which are few. Due to him being a cop, I never really seen him much, and being a yound child, you can't remember much anyways. But this badge was HIS. It belonged to him. It belongs to the stranger in old photos who was holding me. It is a small piece of a person I dont know much about, but someone I love very much.
  8. I have kept this sealed envelope in my bedroom for 3 years. Inside, there is the first pay I had by doing magic. Looking back, I realize that the show that I did for this campsite was really poor. I did not deserve the applause I received that night. I still do not deserve them. The art of magic can not be master in a single life, this is something on which we work all through our life. Do not open this envelope reminds me every day that I have to improve myself and that my learning is not finished yet.
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    This is an item that I find so completely unique and mysterious it is a deck of cards that my fiance took and put on a key ring then wrote 52 reasons she loves me. One reason per card. Sounds simple enough but it is not..
    These are 52 drawings and reasons for her love for me based on things I do for her.

    Being disabled brings alot of baggage with it, some days I can't walk, some days I'm to depressed to get out of bed, and every day I am in constant pain.. This can cause someone serious mental anguish because you feel like less of a person.
    Every time I get down I look at these cards and read through them and every time I'm amazed at the mysterious ways she loves me. She reminds me with every reason that love is uniquely mysterious in its own special way.
    It's like seeing myself in her eyes. Love is the most beautifully unique and mysterious emotion on the planet so each card is her opening her heart unabashed to show me the most wonderful mysteries of the human heart.
  10. When I started in magic about two years ago, I unknowingly began a habit that would slowly influence me over the months of practice. I began to keep the signed cards of people I had performed for. But not any random spectator, for me to keep their signed card they had to be someone who had influenced me in a huge way and I had the opportunity to perform for them. Over the course of two years i performed many times, for countless people yet I only found it necessary to keep 6 cards. Each of them tell a story to me when i see them.
    Here's some background for each one.

    The four Aces all came from forced card routines, and all came from musicians i had seen perform or helped me in my own progression of piano playing.

    The two random cards are from dear friends who both helped me practice my magic, when it was in its worst and best times. Both are folded into fourths from a mercury card fold, and both were palmed away to be kept. I managed to get these before one of my friends moved away, the other still helps me to this day.

    I keep these cards sealed away in a drawer, kept safe from the elements to preserve them. Yet even in such a common place I frequent, I rarely ever notice them. But on occasion, such as this I go and look at each one, and they show me that one person can influence many. And many can influence one. I hope that one day I'll be able to expand my influence card collection so that I can frame everyone. My goal is, when i retire from work, and sit alone old a and gray that I'll be able to look up at every card, and remember who influenced me, so that I can be motivated to go influence someone else.
  11. When I was about 6 years old, my aunt gave me this deck of cards as a gift: It is 100% plastic, and bridge sized. I played a few games with my dad with it and then I lost it. Eight years later, I found it in one of my drawers in my grandparent's house. I thought: "Wouldn't it be cool if I learnt a trick to show my aunt with this?", so I went online and came across a website called theory11, and for the next 3 years I was addicted to magic, and now here I am. I hope that in the future I will get to perform something for my Aunt using this deck, but I haven't seen her in ~10 years since she moved to Italy. This deck is the only item that I've owned for more than 10 years, and it signifies the source of my passion for magic.
  12. This means the most to me:
    A few years ago Jamie D. Grant did a Send Wonder campaign to help raise money for his friend Julien's bike race for cancer. This hit home with me because in 2004 my grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer. She fought for a long time but she lost her battle in 2011. My grandmother is the strongest person that I have ever known. She defied many odds during her battle; she refused to just give up. She always had a positive outlook and didn't anything bring her down. She is a huge inspiration to me and how I live my life. Every time I look at this bottle sitting on my bookshelf, I think of her and how incredible of a person she was.

    Photo taken by JDG (I am away from my home)
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    I live in a country whereby Bicycle cards are hard to get, you had to go to a magic store or go online to buy them. Both which are rather expensive due to shipping fees etc. Unlike in the USA, all you need to do is to walk in to 7-11 and get a normal deck of bicycle playing cards for like bucks. When I first started off in magic, I was using decks like cartmundi, and aladdin, all of which were not smooth and not designed for magic. I felt hopeless as I could not do the flourishes or moves taught in tutorials such as the fan and so on. I usually performed in school to my friends around me. Just then, one of my spectators just passed to me this deck, and he just walked away before I can even thank him!!! Till this date, I could not find the person that gave me this deck, but I just have to say I really appreciate it and it has served as my first good magic deck for years. This has spurred me to continue on the pathway to magic and has inspired me to inspire many others!

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  14. The object that means the most to me is my computer. My computer is extremely important to me. If I didn't have it I would never have came across card magic, which I can't live without. I can socialize with friends and... learn magic. I can't believe that my computer got me to start such a great thing which has an amazing community such as cardistry, youtube, theory11 etc.

    Ethan S.

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  15. These submissions are incredible already - keep 'em coming. Truly fascinating to hear all of your stories.
  16. I already ordered a Mystery Box, but I might throw my hat in the ring for this contest. Two Mystery Boxes would be better than one.

    After a year and a half of collecting cards (70+), practicing magic, and learning flourishes, my parents told me to quit collecting cards until I get a job. Because I'm graduating from high school soon, they sent me this package. It contains two rare decks that I needed to complete two ellusionist series, and I will get to open them after I graduate. This present is very special because my parents seldom gave me gifts. I have no gaming consoles, gadgets, and toys, just my cards.
  18. I Like This Saturday Night Contest.

    I think that my literature is probably the best answer for me. Specifically Dumas' "The Count Of Monte Cristo." That book brought me to literature and my current mindset and way of living. The way that The Count(main character of the novel) used every bit of knowledge he had in every way he possibly could was just so astounding to me. I mean, I know it's fiction, but everything he did was completely humanly possible. And when I read it, I just wanted to be like The Count. I started to read everything in sight and I started to learn all these random things out of a pure drive for more knowledge just because of what that book made me realize was possible for a person to do. Ever since I read that, I haven't been afraid or worried to go ahead and tackle something head-on, because I'm ready for it. I'm ready to win or fail and learn, in whatever it is I'm doing or conquering. The way that that mindset helped me in magic is astounding. I'm not going to lie, I haven't been doing magic for years and years, it's been about five months. But I promise that if you met me, what I knew would absolutely blow your mind, and the only reason that that is possible is because I read that book and I was just inspired to learn and know things better. I now have a drive to tackle everything, and in magic, there is a large amount of things to tackle, from moves to patter to equivoke or whatever else there is(and as we all know, there is quite a bit more than that. So I think that's my answer. Thanks for reading.

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  19. 4 years ago, I was a shy boy in my class and wherever I go. I never had to approach anyone and make friends. But things changed when I saw a friend of mine performing a simple mathematics trick, which later on he got me my first deck of bicycle playing cards. I practiced everyday with that deck. Tricks after tricks and practice after practice. From then on, because magic requires you to approach and talk to people, I was no longer a shy kid. I had plenty of friends and I had lots of fun performing. Moreover, magic also helped improve my presentation and talking skills, which proved useful in real life as I am able to influence people or nail an interview and etc. Magic has certain;y changed my life and it is what makes me who I am now. It plays a significant part of my life. I've attached a picture of the deck below to show the hardship and tough times my decks and I have been though. The red one is the first bicycle deck I ever received. The blue one was the next. Fingers crossed!

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