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    well, it might seem like a peace of a brick, and it is. But it means a whole world to me. This piece is from an abandoned hotel. Sounds creepy, but actually it is not. When i was really small, we used to play games there, girls played doctors, and other girly things, we guys played war and that game where one must catch another. That place gave to us a spot where we all could time having fun, playing. When i grown up a little bit, guys who used drugs, took over that place, so we abandoned that place.
    After a few years when all those guys left, I with my best buddies discovered parkour, and came to conclusion that this place is perfect for training. time went and we became really good at parkour, this place became our gym, our playground and second home, but one day, some company decided to build there a parking and they destroyed that building. I cried only a few times in my life, but when i saw how builders demolished that place, that stinged right in to the childhood, and well a few quiet tears went down, it was around time when university years came, everyone had to leave to study in different places. We all with my friends decided to take a little part from this place, that gave us a lot of fun times, gave us a place to learn and meet with new friends who came from another cities to train with us. Now it stays in my room on the shelf remaining about all those good, fun times that i call my childhood.
  2. Snc

    This was given to me from my Dad . A very mysterious creature . A lamb ? Ant-eater ? Rabbit ? Or an elephant ? No one knows .

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  3. My dad's mystery deck is important to me because it was a gift to me . He kept it all this time for me. It's an old Svengali deck that's bridge sized.

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  4. My grandpa showed me my first magic trick with this deck of cards when i was 13 years old and he also taught me my first trick with them also, my grandpa died when i was 14, i was devestated i use these cards to this day and im 18, the reason these mean so much to me is because my grandpa gave them to me and he is the one that taught me my first trick and got me into magic. i still use these cards to this day but only when i get " stage freight" or street freight, i carry them around with me where ever i go just incase i get worried ill mess up, but when i use these i will always start off with the 1st trick he taught me and ill do perfect from there on.
  5. This necklace is very special to me! About 6 years back, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. My life began to take a negative turn because of it. I was angry at the world and started giving up on myself and my dream. But two years ago my Mom gave me this special necklace that used to belong to her. When she gave it to me she said "This necklace represents positivity and hope. As long as you have it, everything will be ok." I cherish this necklace because it gave me back my light in a time of darkness. It restored my positivity and made me open up to the world. And now I have achieved my dream of playing collegiate volleyball and practicing magic!

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    The Rubik's Cube

    A Rubik's Cube is an allegory for life. Life is composed of many different stages, representative of the sides of the cube. One cannot simply move on to the next stage without finishing the current stage. Like life, the cube can be viewed from many different angles and everytime, especially when a different move or course of action is taken, it will look differently than before. We make decisions that we fill will enrich our lives and help us to overcome obstacles. Sometimes the stage is easy to complete; sometimes it is not. The important thing I have learned is to not give up during those difficult stages. Instead of tossing the cube away, keep it in your possession, and just think. For in that moment, new thoughts are formed, and your mind can create a new path to complete that side of the cube and overcome adversity in life. Sooner than later though, your time will have expired, and hopefully, your loved one placed the completed and worn Rubik's cube in your casket. This will gently remind us, you did take the road less traveled.

    As I write this, I am beginning the path to taking the road less traveled.

    The Road Less Traveled is a book, and for those who don't know, it's general meaning is this: Metaphorically speaking, someone who takes 'the road less traveled' is acting independently, freeing themselves from the conformity of others (who choose to take 'the road more often traveled'), generally making their own choices, and perhaps leaving a new trail that will become the road more often traveled.
  7. My inspiration

    I have 2 rubber bands one blue and one orange and they are of a significance to me because as my first soccer game for my first ever club I was wearing them and I scored my first goal. So now I wear those bands to every game so that I have good luck and that I will live my dream in the future.
  8. Before I started magic seriously, I saw Paul Daniels (British stage illusionist) perform live on stage and he was the inspiration that I needed to get me started in this great art. After the show he came out the back of the theater and signed cards and gave them to people and luckily, I was one of them. He told me not to take no as an answer and I will get wherever I want to be. 7 years later and I'm still loving magic and the one thing I do not do is take no as an answer. I told myself that I would become a working professional magician and that is becoming true because of what he told me. Many people have denied me because of my "Young age" and "no experience" but the people who do accept me are very happy. With thanks to Paul Daniels, my dream as a magician is becoming true. Thank you sir. I have had the pleasure to meet him again and got to thank him personally. :)
  9. Mystery Time Travel

    I present to you, my watch, as simple as it sounds, it has a very interesting story behind it, the Romain Jerome Titanic DNA.

    It is said to be made from recovered parts of the actual sunken Titanic ship. All the way from the steel of the ship, to the black background made from recovered coal of the ship.

    It's a very interesting background for a watch in my opinion.

    How much of the actual ship does it contain ? Does it really come with parts of the ship or are they lying ? Do people find wearing this watch cool, interesting, or disrespectful ? Will the souls of the ship chase me ? Well, this is the mystery, all of this information is unknown.

    Take Care and Good Luck!

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  10. Old is Gold for me, just like it's for you.

    Hi, so in life and the world, there are many things, people, objects, souls, memories, living things and non-living things which are Dear to the Human Heart and Soul. Excuse me if I missed out something. So, as I was saying previously that there are many things (which could be anything) which are special to Me or You.
    As Everybody is not the same, not even twins, these so called SPECIAL things differ from person to person. For some people it can be their first paycheck, their first love letter, their girlfriend (or wife), their acceptance letter from a University, their house (the one which they bought with their own hardworked money) or it could be a family member like a Grandfather as it was for JJ Abrams. Innumerable things to mention, the list goes on !

    But for me too, they are many things which are Special. I dare not distinguish between them for the sake of a contest. So here and now, I have decided to choose my first RUBIK's Cube (not the first in terms of ownership but the one which flourished my true Creativity)

    The picture is given at the End. So, as I was saying: This cube (Rubik's branded) is my very first cube that was bought for the intention of competitive cubing (speed cubing). I still remember that time when I was in 8th grade (right now and tomorrow I'm giving my 10th grade exams), the grade in which cubing first started for me and the one where after learning how to solve the Cube, I decided to SPEED cube (solve it faster). I came to as close as 20 seconds with This cube. Let me remind you that cubing that fast is not easy Especially when cube is not lubricated and is probably the Roughest one you've come across. Nope, but that was just the the opinion of my fellow cubing friends. I was one of the fastest, could be called No. 1. I was accustomed to my non-lubricated and rough cube and so were my fingers. I used to cube everyday including school hours. In truth, I practiced it more than cardistry. Many fun memories of breaking Personal records and having competition s with my friends are Associated with this Cube. In Fact, it also made me little popular (I was not the only cuber in town) and some great friends. And that Cube earned the title of the Hardest to turn, most Roughest and Frustrating to solve, especially with Speed. And Guess what! I was the Proud Owner and User of It! (the title may be a bit of e exaggeration, but its what most of the people thought) NOW this is what makes this Dusty, Old piece of Cube so SPECIAL and Beloved to ME !

    I say that this Cube is Truly IMMORTAL.
  11. The most meaningful object to me is this key which I used in the 1st contest I won which was (SNC Simply Fooled) this is the link to it from that moment the key was my lucky charm because after that contest I won 2 other SNC contests (The Medallion coin challenge & 2013 Holiday contest ) that's why this key is so Special to me
  12. This is my object: [​IMG]

    Back in 2011 I got the chance to meet The Great Tomsoni AKA Johnny Thompson. This was the first time meeting a hugely successful magician; a legend. What I saw him perform was out of this world, I had never seen such amazing Sleight of hand. I stood literally 2 inches from his hands and watched him do dozens of classic passes from 'angle sensitive' angles and still didn't see a single thing. He then handed the deck of cards he had been performing with to me and asked me to show him some stuff. I performed Carbon Paper by Jay Sankey (although learned from Wayne Houchin). He signed this card and ever since I've cherished this card. It's been on my wall since that night. Seeing him perform changed a lot of my perspective of magic and helped me shape the magician I currently am and am currently becoming. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for literally changing my life; and that is why this card is very precious to me.
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    This isn't magic-related, so it may or may not be relevant to this thread/contest, but one of my most significant possessions is this rather unassuming Stanley caliper, made of brass and boxwood. It belonged to my father, and my mother gave it to my after he passed away in 2004. The book it's sitting on in this picture is a leather-bound copy of The Engineer's Pocket Book, published in 1880, and owned by my grandfather. Both of these tools are reminiscent of a bygone era. One is bested by more precise modern instruments, while the other is full of outdated information. The brass is tarnished, and the book is falling apart. But both of these things, while they of course have sentimental value, are also reminders of the tactile, of the hands-on skills that I try my best to keep fresh.

    My father was a do-it-yourself kind of guy -- he could rebuild a transmission, rewire a house or build a desk -- finding a person with that range of skill is a hard thing to do these days. I aspire to be like him, and though I fall short of his talents in many ways, these things are links to a past that I hope to honor by passing along the values they represent. If I had to put into one sentence the essence of these two items, it would be, "Measure twice, cut once."
  14. First I thought that the only thing that matters in life is education
    and then I discovered that it depends on what to study.
    There are things that we study that can make us blind and now I know
    that education is not enough to see the rose.
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    The most meaningful thing I own would probably be this gift I received for Christmas. It's a deck of cards, each with a reason I am amazing written on them. It was given to me by a very close friend of mine, who is one of, if not the most important person in my life. I have yet to look through the reasons, and I think that makes it a little more meaningful, at least to me. It gives it a sense of mystery. I don't know what the reasons are, but just knowing that someone could come up with 52 reasons as to why I am amazing, or that someone could truly believe that I am, helps me get through the days. I'll probably never look at the reasons. What's life without mystery?
    My Dad

    My dad is the one person in my life who encourages my magic. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be into magic, I wouldn't be entering this contest right now, and I wouldn't be the person I am today. When he was deployed to Iraq, I promised him that I would have the greatest trick perfected to show him when he gets back. That trick was Regeneration from Theory11. My mom, my sister, my step-dad, no-one else thinks that my magic is worth while. But my dad was always there to tell me that it was.
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    Hi all it has been almost 12 years since I received this key chain. I can still remember it as clear as day. When I was six years old, my parents brought me to a DPL federal union dinner conference. As you can imagine, this was torture for a child. I sat at a circular table in a massive theater, called the three little bakers. Like every small child, I was into shiny objects. Almost immediately, I saw a gold key chain. And at that time, I was in my pirate phase, so with a blink of an eye I found it in my hand. After the joy of this gold object wore off, I started to observe where I was. I could smell freshly baking bread, an assortment of meats, and even the vinegar from the salad dressing. I was about to run over to the dinner buffet, but seeing people towering above me and the loud the chatter coming from all directions, it just about overwhelmed me so I stayed put for the time being. But then it all stopped. The lights dimmed and young man entered. Though I don't remember his entire act, I can still vividly see him cut a woman in half. This was the first time I have ever experienced magic. So pure, so simple. I couldn't comprehend what just happened. From that moment on I kept this key chain with me. Do to age it's not the shining gold key chain it once was, it helps me remember what I should aim for in my life goals.

    (not sure if the link worked above so heres another one; sorry for the inconvenience)
  18. [​IMG]
    This is a handmade book made for me by my closest friend. She made this for me while I was living abroad, when we didn't have the chance to share ideas in person very often. Its pages are filled with a mixture of her thoughts and mine, as we shared them back and forth with each other. For me, this book represents the beauty of sharing a piece of oneself with another. The most meaningful things in life require us to open up and share, with nothing held back. You feel so vulnerable doing that, but it's the only way to really, deeply connect with another person. That hasn't happened to me very often, which is why I treasure this book so much, and it serves as a constant reminder that I have to open up if I want others to do the same to me.
  19. [​IMG]

    A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

    Everything dies. Stuff that was meaningful and oh so important one day may not be the next. Nowadays, things don't mean much to me, at least not for very long. I'd guess it's the same for many adults.

    I haven't had the meaningful object in the photo, a Lego Death Star kit, for a long time. I just bought it yesterday in fact. It's Lego's most expensive set, and my children have been desiring it for well over two years now. A big chunk of their lifetimes. Our whole family, grandparents, aunts, uncles, all chipped in to finally purchase it. The photo above is a still shot of my children's reaction when they found out they were getting it.

    In their reaction, in their patience over many years, in their yearning for this thing - I could see my desires for fulfillment, happiness, and all those long waits and treasured items from my past. Toys, movie posters, gizmos, books. Love.

    It was a good reminder.
  20. I don't have a phisical item.

    However, what I find very mysterious is life itself, you can't guarantee if you'll be able to wake up tomorrow, you don't know what you're gonna do or who you're gonna meet the next day. Life brings a new surprise to us everyday. And that for me, is a huge mystery...

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