Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl 50

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. If you win i'm going to laugh so much :D
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  2. Casey Rudd is at a basketball game. Your petty cries of unfair advantage fall on deaf ears.
    Plus, I lived in Vegas for 12 years. Competitive guessing is what we do there...or did. I'm in Texa$ now.

    I am at an unfair advantage because I know nothing about football except that people watching the game will scream at the referee and players through the tv as if they could hear them.

    I think it would be hilarious if I could win another random SNC
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  3. Winner Broncos
    Score: 34-24

    Winner Panthers
    Score: 31-27
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  4. Winner Panthers
    Score: 27-21

    Winner Broncos
    Score: 33-29
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  5. Winner: Carolina Panthers
    Score: 17-14

    Winner: Denver Broncos
    Score: 21-7
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  6. Winner: Broncos

    Winner: Broncos
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  7. Oh crap... I don't even know how football is scored... I'll try...

    Winner: Broncos


    Winner: Panthers

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  8. Also, Casey, your link for the date and time is broken.
  9. Winner Panthers


    Winner Broncos

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  11. I won the similar contest of the college basketball game so hopefully my lucks on guessing correct numbers :) Although I do not have a clue how american football is scored, I'll still try :)

    Winners: Broncos
    Score: 34 - 21

    winners: Panthers
    Score: 34 - 17
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  12. Winner: Denver Broncos
    Score: 21-14

    Winner: Carolina Panthers
    Score: 28-21
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  13. Most guesses (even if random) should work. 34, 21, and 17 are all possible scores.
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  14. I won't enter the SNC this week because I'm always that one guy that's like, "Yeah, a slam dunk for the A's!" while watching a football game.
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  15. Winners: Broncos
    Score: 34 - 23

    Winners: Panthers
    Score: 34 - 21
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  16. Winner: Carolina Panthers
    Score: 28-16

    Winner: Denver Broncos
    Score: 22-13
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  17. You can just put out a random guess. I'll help you out..

    The are multiple ways to score in football:

    • A touchdown [ 6 points ]
    • Extra points/2 point conversion [ 1 or 2 point ], after a touchdown they can choose to kick the football inside the goalpost.
    • Field goal [ 3 points ], again kicking the football through the goalpost...only much further away, I think.
    • And lastly; A safety [ 2 points ], I don'y really understand this one.. I believe it's something like if Team A has the football and it's ONLY in one player's possession and it somehow gets behind the goal-line...and then Team B gets a safety. But then again, I don't really know. Basketball and Martial Arts are more of my kind if sports. Not that I don't like football.
    Given this information, 6 points for a touchdown...with a high chance I'd say around 80%? ;that they will the extra points and a low chance they will go for the 2 point one ( unless they need it ) maybe 30%? Also adding extra points of possible safeties or field goals.. You'd need to go for multiples of 7, with added points.

    Given that on average this season the Panthers have 3.4 touchdowns per game and the Broncos has 2 per game. You SHOULD have the score at LEAST 14 both ways. Why? Because it's the superbowl, every team does better in the superbowl. But then again you should also add in other points. But what do I know? I just spent the last half a hour looking up statistics and rules.. Just to refresh.

    7, 14, 21 + 2 + 3 = 26?
    7, 14, + 2 + 3 = 19?

    Probably not.

    My guesses?

    7 - 7

    If I win....I swear to god...

    I'm going to wait till later tomorrow to use my other guess. If that's fine with Theory11.
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  18. Winner: Denver Bro
    Score: 39-24
    Winner: Carolina Panthers
    Score: 42-21
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    What if nobody wins?
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  20. Then the house wins
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