Saturday Night Contest - The Artist Trivia Challenge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, May 9, 2009.

  1. Haha I know! I just realized I feel deceived. :(
  2. Ha. Ha. Alright Cringe good job.

    Remember earlier? :eek:
  3. congrats cringe:D
  4. So many submissions tonight - wowza. Just to resolve all questions, here are the answers:

    - is a licensed pilot? Tom Isaacson
    - used to be the lead singer in a band called Bent Water? Daniel Garcia
    - favorite musician is Stevie Wonder? Eric Jones
    - favorite hobby other than magic is art? Dan White
    - can breakdance like nobody's business? Chris Kenner (and Dan Hauss)
    - has a ferret named Nikki? Andrei Jikh
    - doesn't go a day without a spoonful of Nutella? Doug McKenzie
  5. I love nutella. I'm sure I've gained at least 4,000 pounds from it..... I worked it off though.
  6. Wow, the more you know. I might have missed tonights SNC, but I got a cool $150. Oh well next week. Congrats Cringe.
  7. Man, I can't even imagine him doing a sybil, so, no problem here :D

    Oh my god... just remembered.... Dante :eek:.... Oh my god....
  8. You. Are. A. Saint.
  9. I know... why the hell does that seem so weird? Even I can't see him doin it for whatever reason.

    That... that last part seemed to confuse me a little...

    Well now, I feel honored. *Rises into the air like a saint, but called out for doing a Balducci*
  10. Just... oh my god. Your name... is... Dante :eek:
  11. Me too, but I guess that was what it was meant for...
  12. You didn't know that? Haha. Yes his name is Dante.
  13. haha, of course I knew, but.... oh my god....
  14. ..........huh? Am I the only one lost here?
  15. No need to be lost. It's just the greatest name ever.

    Oh my god....
  16. Haha yeah it's a pretty sick name.

    ...BAWI feel free to chime in here anytime man...
  17. This is what he said a while back. Just to clear things up, lol.
  18. Ahhh, thank you for clarifying :D
  19. Someone just said Dante near me once and it gave me a spleen ulcer in a second.

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