Saturday Night Contest - The Dan and Dave Video Challenge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Though I dislike D&D magic speaking in general terms, I almost wish I didn't for this, cause I LOVE those cards. Disappointed to see so few people entering when the requirement is a performance! What a great opportunity, with so few people, to win a great prize!
  2. Well, you have to remember the deadline is this evening so I'm sure there will be TONS for submissions.

    Also, I have 2 quick questions. Are variations allowed? And, since the rules said all material created OR published by D&D, are simple flourishes allowed like the spring, waterfall, etc. since D&D technically did teach those in the Trilogy. Thanks.
  3. Very cool man. Funny too. "Dad, Dad, dad!" haha nice
  4. wenloong , that video has already been used on a D&D contest.
    Don`t know if it is allowed to use a video not fromyou.
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  6. he asked me i said it was ok...
  7. Ah ok.
    Sorry :(
  8. Jack you have this contest down already. And Bayme the next SNC should be a discussion because many of us don't have a video camera.
  9. here is mine i suck at editing so prepared to NOT be amazed lol i talk to much
  10. he can't submit because he got problem register for an account here..
  11. well we are all beat now
  12. We can never judge who can win at this point considering there will be more entries later on at the last minute rush. Including me. I want to make sure it's a good video before i enter it.
  13. Haha, was about to film an entry, but saw yours and was like... :rolleyes:

    Great entry. Beautifully done, loved everything about it. The video had a very happy and natural flow.

    Good luck,

  14. Off to sleep now, was not too suprised that after a solid entry a few would stand down. Its not about the quality, filming, cinematography and other that will decide this. The winner will be the one who is the most passionate and stands out from the rest.

    Mostly little specs of materials from Dan&Dave since i didn´t get the desired flow.
    But its working for me :). The display(that is in a totally random place :) ) is inspired by Dan and Daves display that they did in the Jam 2007 video i think. Couldnt find a source for it back then and made my own version. Ive tried to make them as original as i can, added a little flare here and there and made the movements more me.

    So yeah, good luck to all!

  15. Man, I really wanted a deck of smokes, never had one before, but thanks to december boy i wont be able to. HAHA. December Boy's video was excellent, exactly what dan and dave are looking for.

    And most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN AND DAVE! You guys truly inspire me to continue on. Best of wishes to you guys' future.

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