Saturday Night Contest - The Genesis Video Challenge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Andrei, Sep 12, 2009.

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    Ill edit this post when the video is up. I don't usually post or participate, but since it's the Genesis DVD. I just had to.
  2. damn that was a pretty good video for 1 hour!

  3. Im sorry but honestly did you speed up the tracks because your movements are really jerky and it looks like your doing the robot from 1989! Did you?
  4. I honestly didn't speed up the tracks. If there's anyway you can think of for me to prove it, I will.

    Thanks ninja!
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    I won :)

    sorry it's loud :p
  6. just got say veitiscool, your'e video is sick.
  7. Viet upload to youtube
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  9. Viet wins, hands down. Give him the prize already.
  10. that's too bad that you had to film with your phone and you didn't go all into your editing, it seems that you are a good flourisher.
  11. Maybe he's from china?
  12. This contest is intense. Their should be more simple contests like this.
  13. Agreed. It's a shame I only had 11 minutes to film, and 15 to render/edit... :(
  14. Same here :(

    Good luck to everyone nonetheless
  15. Yeah, but Viet, you're amazing at flourishing :p so it covers for ya', looking back at my video, I didn't include nearly enough flourishing... :|

    You're amazing V, a lot of props to you.

    EDIT: Just added you to my list of idols, plus, you agreed with me.

    (no obsessive homo*)
  16. Viet is AWESOME, but I think it is between him and Zachmonky.

    The contest is partially about originallity, and in concept, Zachmonky's wins that.

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