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  1. My Question

    To All:
    Do you prefer to perform your own material or someone else's?

    Ryan H.
  2. Question for Chris Kenner

    Where do you get all of your AMAZING oversized toys (army men) (Monsters inc..) etc? Did Katy teach you how to dance? What do you want Zoe to grow up to be?
  3. Daniel Garcia - When will projects 4, 5, 6 be released?
    What was the hardest obstical for you when you started out in magic?
  4. Chris Kenner: What does true mastery of magic mean to you?

    Max Maven: Why do you think society needs magicians?

    Paul Wilson: If you could force me to read any book, which one would it be?
  5. Q:: Dan and Dave

    1. In high school did yall practice all throught out the day during and between classes

    2. what do you think of cheaters people such as getting your dvds for free

    Q::: Jason England

    1. Does practicing deals help in a real game of poker at casinos cause couldnt they see them

    2, now from second dealing such as strike or push off which would you say a expert cardist could catch more likely
  6. Good question!
  7. To Dan and Dave Bucks: when you are performing, except being natural, calm...etc. are there any special skills that will make your performance more powerful?

    To Chris Kenner: how do you deal with the people that challenge you or disturb you when you are performing?

    To Jason England: my hands are small, and when i try to palm a card, the corner is pretty obvious. what can i do or should i just avoid doing tricks that requires palming?
  8. Keep the questions coming. We started recording answers to many of these already tonight. Over the next 24 hours, we will continue to do so. Tomorrow is the final day of Magic-Con, so be sure to post your questions soon for consideration.
  9. Jason England & Paul Wilson:
    Who do you think is the best "gambling moves" expert?

    Max Maven:
    How would you describe the way mentalism has come over the years?
    Before it used to be about mediums and spirituality and today with people like Derren Brown who don't describe their mentalism as spirituality but reading body language etc etc

    To All:
    Which trick/sleight just makes you feel good and proud of your self?
  10. To Dan and Dave:

    besides Irving Quant's DVD and Dave's book on palming, do you have any other special projects lined up for this coming year? I heard you mention a DVD with Helder Guimaraes? what about some new 'On Demand's?

    To Bill Goodwin:

    Do you ever plan to release any of your lecture notes, or any of your material for that matter? 'Reflection' was amazing, but still would love to see some more. a second DVD perhaps?

    To all:

    Does anyone have any plans to lecture or perform in the U.K anytime soon?
  11. Thank you JB, and everyone else for taking time to input into this community.

    Jason England: Have you ever had any run ins or gotten into any serious trouble because of your skill with cards?

    Guy Hollingworth: Do you ever perform your material on stage?

    Chris Kenner: Do you enjoy handling cards or coins more?
  12. Daniel Garcia: What five effects (Besides card tricks) would you recommend for a magician just starting to go out and perform for strangers?

    Chris Kenner: What advice would you give to someone wanting to create their own effects, and how did you get your job working with David Copperfield?

    Jason England: If you had an inexperienced sponge and you could drop it in any bowl of card effect knowledge what would it be?
  13. To all:

    I'm a big fan of impromptu magic. Michael Weber and Daniel Garcia especially are well known for their unprepared approach to effects. I have also been using Bill Goodwin and Paul Harris' Linking Laces effect to great effect recently. A good example of a powerful trick that is done with everyday objects with zero preparation.

    As a group, can you provide examples of any strong impromptu effects using normal objects that you rely on if someone asks you for a trick off the cuff?
  14. To Bill Kalush:
    What does it take to be a great card performer or performer in general?

    TO John Carney:
    What was the most important lesson you got from being a student of Dai Vernon?

    To Apollo Robbins:
    When you pickpocketed the secret service of Jimmy Carter, were you nervous? and did you get in a lot of trouble for it?
  15. Hey,
    I really only have one question. Dan and Dave, are the Smoke and Mirrors that you are about to release the last ones?

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    Sebastien: I think it would be really worthwhile for the community to share a bit of your knowledge on what you call the "emotional hook". Also, discussing about themes, plots and that theory on "expanding frames" you talked me about in a indian restaurant a few years ago would be really interesting.

    Eric Mead: "What is the desired effect ?". I really enjoyed that chapter in your book Tangled Web. For those who haven't read the book yet, could you tell us a little more about what you meant by that ?

    Michael Weber: Could you please do another podcast like you did on the Magic-Con website ? There was a lot of really, really useful and meaningful stuff thrown up in there. Talking about podcasts, I read The Red Notebook, one of the books you suggested to read in your first podcast, and it's pretty clear that the major theme of the little written stories is based upon coincidences. Coincidences is a very popular theme in magic, especially in mentalism, and I wonder what are the other themes you like to play with ?

    Thanks a lot and enjoy the rest of Magic-Con,

  17. @Daniel Garcia: Did you ever find out what that thing was that flew into your eye while filming control with Wayne Houchin?
  18. We're really gonna waste our questions like that? ^^
  19. This is a great opportunity, Thanks J.B. and Theory 11!

    Guy Hollingworth: On your debut of the t.v. show The World's Greatest Magic, you finished your "Twisting the Aces" effect by turning the four kings into aces; I was wondering if you ever released that handling to the community, since you didn't include it in your book Drawing Room Deceptions.

    Daniel Garcia: You've released a lot of magic to the community over the past couple of years, I was wondering which of those effects are your real workhorses, or now that you've released them, have moved on to other effects?

    Max Mavin: I was wondering if you had any tips concerning group mental effects like "The Grey Elephant in Denmark" Is there any particular size audience that you feel these are best suited for?

    Matthew Martin
  20. I find myself disgusted that the SNCs that offer 6 decks of cards have twice to three times as many replies as one giving you the oppurtunity to have your questions answered by the best minds in modern magic. What a dissapointment. This was an amazing oppurtunity and people should have taken advantage of it. Whatever, it's their loss.


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