Saturday Night Contest - The Redline Challenge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DanHauss, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. Dan's shirt originally started as a normal t-shirt worn by Shaquille O'Neal, and then it was stretched out 12 - 20 more inches and found by Dan Hauss. For those of you looking for your own, check Baby Gap. If Baby Gap doesn't have it, you may also want to try Victoria Secret.
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    here's my video. CLICKY MEi know its not much but its the first video ive ever uploaded for anything and i did it on a digital camera. HAHA, no not a camcorder a digital camera that has a very short video capability, i also have no editing software so yeah its all about redline and less about what i can do with technology, sorry. thats why the quality is bad and the sound is crap. but i had fun and liked this contest, love your work HAUSS! hope you enjoy, i know i did. i put the last bit in because the first time i saw a david blaine clip it was the coin bite. gave me the idea.

    CHEERS and good luck
  3. on another note though, i believe that Dan was really just trying to pay proper omage to the infamous Jennifer Lopez dress. Clearly, though he lacks the famous rear assets but makes up for it in crazy Wall running skills
  4. Actually the quality is not that bad.

    Nice job with Redline.
  5. thanks, wish i had a better camera though. i had some good patter and my performance is usually much more polished. haha good
  6. hahah

    Damn good marketing technique!
  7. Well they edited the original post so I was complaining before they said you can make a parody. In that case then good luck to the winner:D. So far one person made a vid so congrats?:confused:
  8. mine is uploading to youtube. it will be the first spoof though.

  9. Good handling and nice idea with the coin bite! It got my gears turning.

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    OK, so here's my performance of Redline. I would first like to state that I would have loved to do this for a live audience, however I was working off of my webcam and not a video camera, and it's parent's weekend here at Bard College, so not too many people are around. Second, I'd like to mention that this was a single take. Third (and this one's important), please don't judge me.


    P.S. For anyone who gives a damn, the final vanish is just sleeving. I know the webcam angle kind of helps me out on that one, but I just thought I'd clear that up, since it wasn't apparent when I watched it afterward.

  11. How about you stop complaining about how much you give away compared to how much you get.

    You make lots of money from selling DVD's and cards then start complaining about how *much* you give us. For crying out loud you gave us uncut sheets of cards. It may look cool but costs less because it's not cut.

    Yes, you gave us a lot of cards and maybe a DVD every now and then, but that's not even in comparision to what you made from this site.
  12. Hey man, that's not cool.

    Just think about what you're saying...
  13. Sweet, I love redline, favorite product from here. I took this with a webcam(digital camera has no batteries) but the quality turned out rather good. Didnt perform this for a spectator, mainly cause I live out in the boonies and its 9:50 here. Aw well, enjoy.
  14. Please, like "mom & dad, you make so much money you should give me more of an allowance..." They don't have to give anything for free. And they certaintly don't need people to complain about fairness.
  15. your vid is privite homie
  16. this isn't really the place for this but everyone needs to stop *****ing about how its unfair that we didn't get a 1 on 1 this week or the contest is unfair because its based on an effect thats sold here.... T11 is a business and when it comes down to it they don't owe anyone any free stuff and while they try to put out a 1 on 1 every week they don't have to for any reason, they do these things to try to keep their customers happy and i think everyone needs lay off when things don't go EXACTLY how you want them
  17. Nice! So far some great creativity involved with this.
  18. damn how disrespectful i bet if you had a camera and redline you wouldn't be complaining.
  19. You know my grandmother had a saying "If you spit up in Heaven it comes right back down"

  20. Just sent a nice PM to Ampersan. :)

    This thread has gotten off topic, let's try to get things back on track by taking about rainbows, butterflies, and the SNC. Thanks guys. ;)


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