Saturday Night Contest: The Secret Life of d+M

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  1. 1st:

    For the last time, I will not play leapfrog with you!
  2. I guess i'll take a whack at it.

    1) D+M: ............*silence*.............
    Unicorn: ..................*silence*.................
    D+M: I like your horn.
    Unicorn: SHUT THE **** UP!!!!!

    2) D+M: I just don't know, it's just that.........when I look into your eyes.......I
    *Can't Fight This Feelin Anymore plays*

    3) D+M: You know, I can't do this anymore. I think we should break up. IT'S LIKE YOU DONT EVEN LISTEN TO ME ANYMORE!!!!! :(

    Anthony Bass

  3. 1) I'll stab a knife between my fingers, but I don't trust this unicorn to do it with his horn.
    2) Didn't I see you at Blackpool?
    3) I had a choice when I was younger , magic or pony riding...I regret my decision.
  4. 1. "Argh! Daniel still mad! Daniel kill second unicorn!"

    2. "The horse blinked first, dammit! Get me some tea!"

    3. Godfather part 4: Daniel's gonna make them an offer they can't refuse...
  5. 1: i will break you
    2: this isn't exactly what i was expecting for my birth day
    3: mom, i meant a real horse
  6. 1. Can i ride your horn?

    2.Wanna xcm battle?

  7. Entry 3

    DM: How did my psycological force not work you should have gotten the 10 of hearts?! (Maybe be if I give you the death stare you will change your mind)
  8. Caption Two

    Daniel: I Daniel Madison, take you Unicorn, to be my wedded wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'till death do us part. And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness.
    Dana: You may now kiss the bride. [grins]
  9. ...

    Daniel Madison says:

    1.- Sit back, relax and enjoy the fright
    2.- Ill name you.... MINI ME!!
    3.- Scabby me!!! this is the new crew member of the devils advocate...
  10. 1. True love.

    2. Pollo Anyone?

    3. When i look in to your eyes, i don't have to fake the brittish accent anymore.
  11. Caption Three

    BREAKING NEWS: After eleven long years of uncontrollable love, Daniel Madison and "El" Unicorn are now filing for divorce.
    ["I'm all out of love" starts playing in background]
    Daniel Madison: It's better for the both of us, my love.
    "El" Unicorn: Oh Daniel--you're making me cry--sniff--stop making me cry--oh, oh, my sweet Daniel...
  12. 1st attempt for anyone who watched Voltron as a kid...."And I'll form the head"
    2nd attempt..."I made the body vanish! Lets see Criss Angel do that!"
    3rd attempt..."Wow the bonuses are really getting horrible at Penguin!"
  13. 1. To prove I'm actually looking at this unicorn, I'm going to keep my eyes open...

    2. It's a good thing this unicorn is white, otherwise it couldn't be in this Picture with me

    3. Wayne! How am I supposed to do Control if this unicorn has no arms? oh well, i'll go move some tequila without touching it...
  14. 1) It was then that Madison realized that he should have asked for the favor with a little more respect...
  15. Unicorn - Daniel, ummm...dude....theres a booger hanging out of your nose.
    Daniel Madison - Say what!... thats wikidiwikidi wack, son!

    Ps: I know...Random. :D
  16. 1) "One of the last elements to be added to the wire"

    2) "I ask thee, 'To be, or not to be'"

    3) "Daniel Madison reflecting on the newest british craze...."
  17. 1) You see the purple elephant too?

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