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  1. Hi Theory 11 and others, I have a question and hopefully you guys can help. One of my friends asks me that how to solve the following situation:

    When he performs his tricks, even though he is completely calm, sometimes he cannot make the moves perfectly. For instance he cannot pull out the top card when he executes the top change. In this case he gets stuck and does not know how to do next, though he has performed for 6 years and he does not think that practice is the only solution. He is very good at misdirecting people as well.

    Please help us this case. Thanks in advance
  2. Entry/Question

    What is your favorite classic card trick?
  3. How do you perform magic, do you make yourself seem powerful or do you just sell it as what it is just a skill that most people don't have.
  4. What are some of the best twisting the aces themed trick?
  5. What is a change you would like to see in the magic community?
  6. My question.

    Everyone has a different way of explaining "what is magic". What is the best way of explaining that question in your guy's opinion?
  7. Anyone can be called magician, but a magician must have really?
  8. Often, magicians are scrutinized for learning magic from YouTube, and are called "weekend magicians" among other things. Do you think this should matter, though? Especially considering many of the names that changed magic forever (Elmsley, Erdnase, etc.) were self taught, and didn't take lessons or have 'traditional schooling' in the art?
  9. to zach mueller
    when you perform do you use the same character strangeness as you do on expose?
  10. What is more important, the magic sleights or the performance?
  11. A question for Calen Morelli
    How do you create your tricks, more specifically how did you create a trick a day for 365 days, what inspires you?
  12. I was at Tannen's Magic Camp this summer and we got to talk to some of the guys (and girl) from Theory11. 1 of the questions they talked about was flourishing/cardistry. And how its perceived in the "real" world of magic. And as an art form. Now clearly Andre and Michael had diff views. But I just wanted to know everyone's view on it.... If your confused on the question, that's ok, I am too. Haha. Basically... I just want your input on how cardistry fits into magic. And if its a good idea to put it into your magic routines. And if its a waste of time seeing as no one would really go to a flourish show, im assuming. So yea. Just a basic idea. THANX!
  13. What is the most important and/or your favorite aspect of magic/flourishing? What makes all the effort and creativity worth it?

    Patrick V.
  14. To Marco Tempest: You have a unique style of magic, there are not many places to learn the art of blending technology and magic, so what advice would you give to the youngsters who want to adapt to your style of magic?

    To Calen Morelli: Dont you ever get tired of creating new magic? and what keeps you going?

    To Steve Cohen : What would you like your legacy to be?
  15. Interesting question...

    What does it take to be able to work for David Copperfield? @calenmorelli
  16. What are your opinions on cardistry combined with magic? Does it add to it, or take away? (I also happened to be at Magic Camp, along with Ethinzz, and I am also wondering about all your views)

    Do you think magic shops will go extinct, and magic sites (such as awesome theory11) take over? Would that be a good thing? (Not that theory11 isn't)
  17. If you've come up with some ingenious effect, but live in Europe for example, how would theory11 be able to film it? @theory11
  18. Hey guys. My questions are aimed at both Cardistry and Magic. A while back on Kevin Ho's blog, Sybil Disobedience, there was a post ("Magic? No. Magical? Hell yes.”) relating to wether an audience regarded Cardistry as a magical thing; even though flourishing is NOT magic rather a visual display of manual dexterity.

    My questions are: Do you think that even though flourishing is a display of visible skill, that it can still evoke an air of wonderment to an audience in the same or a similar way that magic does? And if so, what are your opinions on the apparent correlation between Cardistry and Magic. I certainly think there is a relationship between the two.


    - James Milaras

    Joker and the Thief
  19. We practice hours perfecting a flourish. Why do we never reach the point of satisfaction and perfection within the flourish?
  20. Is 'creating a magic trick' rushed these days, because of the fact that you can make money with it? If so, are we just using magic for money?
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