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  1. how do you practice magic/cardistry?
  2. Isn't performing a mass effect too powerful sometimes, like asking the viewers to think of a playing card by riffling the deck in front of the camera, ending with everyone watching,thinking of the same playing card? And interactive magic is sometimes self-working, how can we better disguise the method, so if people try the exact same thing, it doesn't work? Camera's are sleight of hands enemies too, how do we get around this, and eliminate flashing?
  3. what do you think whats the best way to learn from dvds or books
  4. Which effect would you consider to be the purest form of magic ?
  5. What type of care do you need to give your cards to have them last longer? Not flourish with them for a whole day and maybe just for 10-20min and then use a different deck again?
  6. I've seen magicians work their asses off for an effect that looks great, and then sell it. Then amateur magicians come along and buy it, because it looks great and they want to do it too, but don't want to practice. As soon as they find out that the sleights are difficult, they give in. What do you guys think of amateur-type of magicians who wait for a gimmicked effect that they can do easily and then buy it, and call themselves magicians?
  7. Too many talents in our community
    how to become creative as them instead of being copies ?
  8. When did you start learning magic ? and what do you think the best way to learn is (videos, dvds, books ..) ?
  9. Do you think cardistry like Madonna, Pandora, Sybil Cut and other ''difficult'' flourishes can be performed in magic or should they be separated?
  10. How do you think cardistry will evolve in the few years to come? To you think it will become something more than just 'playing' with cards, or is real creativity in cardistry just handeling the cards like no one did before?
  11. if there was 1 trick that you could just make happen, no matter if its posible or not what would you make happen?
  12. what made you guys do this awesome things
  13. So this question is for all

    What is your thought process while creating magic. Like when you create some kind of new trick, effect, a new gimmick , a new flourish (this one's for the cardists out there) or some stage performance plan or how do you know what you are going to do when performing in front of your audience. I would also like to know that if you make some kind of mistake while performing the effect (such as drop a card or coin , expose the gimmick, tell them another story that you had planned for another trick, perform the trick at an inappropriate angle, etc) how do you make up for your mistake.

    Another question I would like you guys to answer is

    According to you, what would be the best way to learn magic (cardistry and all another magic related stuff included) ? Would it be through a DVD, a convention, a weekly online lesson or some other methods, and also to what extent would it be possible to learn from these mediums?

    Another thing that I would want to ask about is

    According to you guys, how is magic progressing in the recent years (I mean modern magic) ? Is it like really progressing or just falling back? How would you guys want to see your magic influence the lives of your spectators? Also, what methods do you apply in making the skeptics believe in your magic? Also, nowadays since magic is regarded as a form of entertainment rather than an art, what do you guys think about it? Is it good or bad and why so ?
    Also how do you think that the internet has influenced modern magic, and also the attitudes of the performer and spectator towards magic? Also, can we change this attitude if its bad ? If so then how?

    My final question is related to cardistry

    So as a cardist, what do you guys think is the best way of promoting cardistry and bringing it out from the homes , the internet, conventions, card jams , etc. to the live audience?
    Would cardistry be suitable for the stage or the streets? And if so, why?
    Also with the rapid evolution of cardistry in the past few years, should one just first focus on his/her card magic or his/her cardistry? OR is it possible to combine these two, totally awesome form of arts into one and produce it in front of the spectator? If so, then HOW ?
  14. Hey, if there is a limit to posting a number of questions, I am sorry about it. I am just too curious and I hope that you guys try to answer all of my questions.
  15. How did you all get into magic?
  16. What's the Zach's next effect ??
  17. What is the best deck you've ever handeled?
  18. What's the thought process that goes into creating a new effect? Do you think of something you want to do first and make it happen or do you find a method and look for something it can apply to?
  19. Zach, or to any one else in cardistry. How long did you practice a move, slight or flourish before you became fast and proficient with it?
  20. Funniest magic related story?
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