Saturday Night Contest - Throwback

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Here's my take on Vertigo:

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  2. I appreciate that, thank you! And the one-handed stuff, that's what I do! My left hand is rather inoperable at the moment for flourishes and sleights, so the right hand does it all!

    My right hand HURTS this morning, though. I spent 3 hours shooting the video and three hours of Scissor Cuts is certainly not recommended.
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  3. Transcode by Mathieu Bich

    Double Snap Change ( From Snap Change by Mike Hankins)

    Good luck to all involved! :)
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  5. If you bought it from us, it counts!
  6. The biddle variation
  7. Prophet is my favorite effect of all time, since I got it I carry it around with me everyday in my wallet, BTW I'm really at the airport and I'm traveling for real, so here is my entry:
  8. Simple Triumph by Chris Kenner.
  9. I have two performances of two very awesome downloads! One being the Pop-Out Move by Chris Kenner:

    and the other one is Cylinder by Andrei Jikh:

    Now, I know that Cylinder is not from the Tricks section, but I did purchase it from the site and it was produced by theory11 so I hope it's fair game :)
  10. This is my entry:
    It's the Gorilla Change by Dan Hauss and Dan White...with a little variation I have at the end!
    Also sorry for the video quality, was in a bit of a rush!
    Good Luck everyone!!
  11. Your obsession with the Jack of Clubs continues to intrigue me. Might I ask, what started this?
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  12. Here is my submission... Prophet... along with proof of purchase...sorry for the handling, since I just rebuild the effect some days ago and I haven´t had a chance to practice it, the way I would like it to see...

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  13. Entry 1 - WERM
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  14. Entry 2 - DECOY
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  15. My fixation with the Jack of Clubs began when I first read that Ed Marlo had a favorite card. I don't consider myself to be even 1% as talented as Marlo was. However to make a long story short when I read that his favorite card was the seven of diamonds and that his wife would load at least one in his pocket before he left the house, I thought to myself that I should have a favorite card. So if you look through all my youtube videos you will find the Jack of Clubs in there somewhere if I can manage it. :)
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  16. A lot of people might have forgotten about this effect, but this effect still holds a solid place in my close up repertoire. It is, in my opinion, the only version of the "haunted deck" that truly gets the audience involved not only with creating the magic, but also by grabbing their attention with an intriguing plot. I hope you enjoy my performance of "Static" by David Jade.
    Good luck to everyone, there are A LOT of great entries!

  17. Maybe my first love of visual card magic.

    Unfortunately I had to rush this, YouTube apparently decided to compress the video, and don't have time to figure out why.

    Good Luck!
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  18. EDIT:

    Problem solved!

    Hadn't trained this for a very long time, but i hope to give the idea of what it was like as a younger magician to discover this new version of magic.
    It was so many years ago.. but i still keep The Trilogy in my heart.

    PS: I surely am very tired, but i can't edit or delete the previous message. So i had to write this one
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  19. Finally got it Raw linkage by Marcus Eddie sold with the effects Five

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