Saturday Night Contest - Trick Shot Challenge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lyle Borders, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. My entry.....

    I hope you all enjoy was lots of fun. My arm is still sore. :(

    I tried bouncing cards off the couch and catching them, but that didn't work.
    I tried throwing cards down the hall and hitting the camera, but I lost like 5 cards in the process (somewhere wedged behind something)....

    I honestly hope I win, but I think that Kirby's already got it in the bag with his bounce off his hand to the couch and into the cup.
  2. no your wrong the banana wasnt already cut it was sliced so much cause that was my 25th time at trying to slice it so it wasnt pre cut
  3. Why are you all making videos inside ?

    Sadly that it was really windy outside today :( It was really hard to throw card in the basketball basket but idea was good. And I think I did it well.
    1st shot, Watch this! ;) -
    Btw, we spent a lot of fuel.
  4. It was still windy outside but I found a bird nest in the tree so I got to use it. There was cool bird sound in background, but they just disappear, when I put this on YouTube.
    2nd shot -

    PS: the distance between me and bird nest were around 4.5 meters
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  6. it probably will be declined cause rules are rules
  7. it probably will be declined cause rules are rules, sorry
  8. thanks! I will cut and resubmit!
  9. Trick Shot #2 this was lots of fun....

    I like adding music and sound effects to the videos.

    I have shot 6 different attempts, none of which were successful. I tried slicing a celery stick in half, wedged 5 cards in it, but it wouldn't cut. :(

    I think I'm stopping at 2 videos. My arm is SO SORE I can barely throw another card. :(
  10. [video=youtube;q5nUUz4OOqc][/video]

    Introducing Schweppes : an underground flourisher...
  11. Wow, very nice, love the cat catch. I think you are going to win.
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    Oh well....

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