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Saturday Night Contest - Trick Shot Challenge

Apr 2, 2011
your video is private :p and it was three shots in three separate videos I am only saying this because I made the same mistake but fixed it

Lyle Borders

vp of operations // theory11
Team member
Aug 5, 2008
Seattle, WA
Hey everyone,

WOW! There were some AMAZING entries tonight. We had a lot of fun viewing all these entries. In the end, it came down to the two most complex trick shots of the night - Kirby and twobar. Both were very difficult. Both made our jaws drop. We had to pick one. Winning by a hair (a crazy talented ninja-cat hair) is twobar! Congrats! Send me a PM with your information and I will hook you up with your prize!

Thanks to everyone who played along tonight. Catch you all next week!

// L
Apr 2, 2011
I really thought I had this one.... Nevertheless congrats to the winner well deserved and quite original!

Josh Burch

Elite Member
Aug 11, 2011
Hahahahahaha!!! The cat caught the card that is hilarious!!!! I love it I totally agree with the winners, congrats :)
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