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Aug 31, 2007
Another idea: With the upcoming sale on Charity:Water cards to raise money for a great cause, what about a SNC about doing good.
In similar fashion to other SNC's they have a block of time to helps someone in need (outside of your daily chores). This could be helping a grandparent, helping out a local charity, picking up neighbourhood garbage, donating money to a good cause (including Charity:Water!), spray painting a nice mural down town, or maybe asking to mow a neighbours lawn. Then they would have to somehow catch it on video, or make a video to explain what was done. Every entry could be entered onto a draw perhaps.

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Aug 16, 2012
New York, NY
well i think that theory11 is your source for the latest and greatest magic tricks, instructional magic DVD's, and playing cards. Every product you see on theory11 is produced in house by our elite team of industry-leading performers, creators, editors, and producers.
Dec 29, 2011
What if whoever won the latest contest hosts next weeks contest? with correspondence between themselves and someone from the theory11 team they could come up with a competition idea, and the prizes, and sort it out with theory11. It would certainly bring something new to the table.
Sep 12, 2012
I would like to see more innovative competitions. some of them are involve in graphic designing.
I think the ultimate "creative" contest would be letting us take a shot at designing the DVD cover for a Theory 11 effect. I would definitely enter that one. It can of course be modified and structured by Theory 11 for the final product.

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Oct 13, 2012
In previous years, several of the contest's winners had found work ... Dangerous Curves , and The Saturday Night Kid , Bow kept her position.

thanks for sharing.

charles bridge
Oct 13, 2012
How 'bout something video related? Make a 30+second flourishing/magic video and the best one wins a six pack of Players and 1500 Elite member points.
Oct 14, 2012
What about a SNC that is all about why people do magic, like a short little interview about who everyone is, why they do magic, and what they get from doing it, and then you guys pick which answer you like best and what not. That way other people can share about their reasons for this great art, and also you all learn more about the community you have established here on the site.
Aug 31, 2012
Exeter, UK
The all theory11 artist/ or even the best members of this website should be lock up in one room and they should do everything to fool others.
something different
Oct 9, 2012
Wrong thread cardist, but it does bring up my point quite well.

I don't really like the 'guess the xxx' style contests, seems like random chance isn't a good method. I loved the fake tutorial ones though, amazing idea, some funny, entertaining videos come from that. I can't imagine it's much fun sorting through post after post of numbers though.

A first time contest might be fun, either your first time performing in general, or first time performing a certain effect, but definitely showing a performance for someone, not the camera.
Nov 22, 2012
there should be 3rd, second, first, so as to provide more winners and less chance of fraud. ALso, the user should provide a tutorial so as not a camera trick
Apr 6, 2011
Lansing, MI
there should be 3rd, second, first, so as to provide more winners and less chance of fraud. ALso, the user should provide a tutorial so as not a camera trick
This is not a site where we spread tutorials, exposure. If the validity of an effect is in question, you should contact the poster and ask for an explanation, but keep in mind the only person they have to explain themselves to are Theory11 staff members.
Feb 18, 2013
The best magician name I think could be entertaining. Even if its not the name you actually use on stage - I'm asking for everyone to make up a stage name on the spot and thee contest will be which name is the best. We could use a poll setup for everyone to cast their votes or present the top 10 names submitted and have users reply which they feel is the best. Possibly order them in the order each registered user feels is the order.


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Mar 3, 2012
I know a couple of SNC's in the past have been to create a trailer for one of T11's decks, but I think it would be fun to have a trailer contest but with a theme...for example, I'd like to see a contest with the most over the top, cheesy trailer but still demonstrating and showing off the cards ;D
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