Saturday Night Contest - What's Inside the Box?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. 10! No one has guessed 10!
  2. 13 cards in the box
  3. 10 cArds are inside
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    i would say 20 .. i hope i win :)
  5. There are 31 cards!
  6. 0 cards in the box
  7. There are 50 cards in the box.
  8. 11 cards in the box.
  9. 37 I do believe.
  10. Hello t11... i am one of the winners of last week SNC.... Have you received my message to the support crew???? I just want. to know.... thanks...
  11. There are 39 cards in the box.
  12. 32 Cards is my guess
  13. 3 Cards in the box
  14. No cards..just and empty box
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    47 cards in the box
  16. just went through the thread... every number has been guessed, and you have to be the first to guess it to get the deck.. :( guess we should give up, but I'm gonna guess 25 incase they tweek the rules
    but anyoneee can guess how many cards are in the box... how about which cards are in the box??
    p.s. I find it funny how many people guessed more than 54 trololol
  17. Only a single card
  18. my answer

    9 cards are in the box
  19. If a number has been guess before it's kind of pointless to guess it again as you're not going to win. This contest is stupid because there was only 54 possible gases and all those guesses were taken up with in five minutes.

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