Saturday Night Contest - What's Inside the Box?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. There are about 42 cards in the box
  2. 36 cards in the box!
  3. 47 cards i think
  4. Hmm...22! (wordcount)
  5. There are 27 cards
  6. I think 13 cards
  7. There are 23 cards inside the box.
  8. 14 cards are in the box.
  9. 27 cards are found inside the ornately designed piece of USPCC craftsmanship
  10. 37 cards in the box
  11. There are 9 cards.
  12. Time for the results! Drumroll please... the correct answer of the number of cards inside the box is... 50! I just counted and recounted again to make sure the number was correct. Our winner tonight, taking home a sealed, rare deck of White Monarch's is Ivensor. Congrats! Submit a message to our support crew with your address to redeem your prize!

    To everyone else, thanks for posting and stay tuned to another White Monarch giveaway next Saturday. We have FIVE releases planned over the next four weeks, so get ready for some action!
  13. Hi J.Bayme... I am one of the winner of last weeks SNC..Have you received it last week..sorry.. just wanted to know... pls answer..
  14. White monarch Promo? ;D

    i guess its 33 cards ;D
  15. By 5 releases do you mean deck releases in increments of 250?
  16. 50 cards .........
  17. 36 cards in the box.
  18. 57 cards inside the box

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