Saturday Night Contest : What's the Date

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. little late there buddy.
  2. Aw, shucks! I and my friend spent two hours copying ALL the answers down, even the repeated ones. And compiling a master mental list of context and other clues. And we didn't even get to guess. :)

    Oh well. Congrats Figure Eight!

    I'll post what my guesses would have been later. :)
  3. Same except only took me 30 min.
  4. Congrats to you FigureEight! I hope you enjoy your Guardians and your six chances at the Christmas contest!

    Shane K.
  5. I think November 26 1972
  6. Aww man I was a year off. Well enjoy your prize there buddy
  7. Lol I was way off on the September 1966. I though that because when I opened the video it said 966, 9=September, 66=1966.
  8. august 1979

    may 1980

    june 1975
  9. October 1966

    October 1967

    October 1968
  10. Darn, I was off by one month, :p congrats Figure Eight!
  11. you know what would have been funny?waiting for 11 to find out who won,and you wasted 7 hours seeing if you won....what would be funnier is if all 6 decks were winners
  12. July 2029

  13. DAMN!
    I was just about to say that.

  14. Thanks guys.......I was hurried when I made my guesses because I was going to see Aarn Radatz (magician) last night. He put on a fun show. Anyway thanks for all the congrats. Now hopefully I will win the Christmas contest and get a special deck. Really woud like those nuggets.

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